Production Line Simulation Software

– InteRobot offline production line simulation software is launched by HuazhongCNC

– Simulation logic control using semaphore settings and action nodes

– Can realize the layout construction, process simulation and overall simulation of the production line

InteRobot2018 provides two types of navigation trees including model tree and solution tree, which correspond to various model nodes and corresponding simulation solutions in the production line. The model tree supports the import of various models such as robots and conveyor lines. After the corresponding simulation scheme is established in the scheme tree, the processing flow simulation of a whole production line in actual production can be realized.

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Production Line Simulation Software

InteRobot2018 manufacturing line simulation software can quickly build a virtual simulation of the production line, which can predict the work efficiency of the workshop production line and the simulation rhythm of the combination of each module group. It can realize intelligent support functions such as remote monitoring of production lines, actual efficiency analysis, fault detection and optimization.

Software Features
InteRobot production line simulation software adopts model configuration, logic configuration, event configuration and motion configuration to realize the rapid construction of production line simulation model.

Software Highlights
Multiple robot or non-robot workstations can be established, and the workstations can independently correspond to the solution groups to realize the simulation of the entire factory automation production line; and the simulation includes rhythm estimation, which can set the time of each motion unit group and estimate the overall process completion time.