Pick and Place Robotic Arm

HNC-RDT series industrial pick and place robots are parallel robot arms with high precision, high efficiency and long life. It is suitable for fast grabbing, sorting arrangement or packing in various industries. Picking robot integrates intelligent visual recognition function and has good dynamic tracking function, which can meet most scenarios that require fast picking and placing. The commonly used models are HNC-RDT401, HNC-RDT803, HNC-RDT1208, which can help you perfectly realize the intelligent pick-and-place production process of different products.

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RDT1208 Delta Robot Pick and Place System

  • Axis: 4 axis
  • Working radius: 600mm
  • Payload: 8kg


RDT401 Delta Robot Pick and Place System

  • Axis: 4 axes
  • Working radius: 135Z/200R(mm)
  • Payload: 1kg


RDT803 Delta Robot Pick and Place System

  • Axis: 4 axes
  • Working radius: 400mm
  • Payload: 3kg

Application & Configuration

Combined with actual application scenarios and production process requirements, HNC-RDT series pick & place robot arm, cooperating with DT_Catch Software and integrating vision settings, tool settings, trajectory settings, palletizing modules and calibration modules, provides streamlined and convenient automatic pick and place solutions for customers. Many automated picking and placing solutions have been formed in the processing and assembly fields of food, medicine, electronics and warehouse.

Pick and Place Robotic Arm

In the preliminary design stage and subsequent plan implementation, HNC-RDT series high-speed pick and place robotic arms are also equipped with offline programming simulation software for customers to use. After capturing the target object through teaching programming or vision system, the picking robot kit realizes the transportation and processing of the target object, and provides a reliable and stable pick-and-place automation solution.

General Configurations

According to the actual production process needs of customers, we provide customers with the following routine configuration of robotic pick & place automated system:


Item Model Details
Delta Robot HNC-RDT401



Including teach pendant, electric control cabinet, English system
Robot Gripper Standard√ Integrated at the end of the robot
Visual System Standard√ Including industrial computer, camera, lens, light source, visual software, display screen, keyboard and mouse
Frame Customized Fixed robot, optional
Transmission lines Customized Conveying material, optional

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