Welding Robotic Arm

HNC-RJH series welding robots are specially designed and developed for automatic welding. At present, Welding robot arms including HNC-RJH605 and HNC-RJH615. The robotic welding cell integrates a welding machine, welding gun and wire feeder, and has a built-in professional welding process. It can carry out arc welding (MAG welding / MIG welding / CO2 welding) and laser welding. It is widely used in automobiles, motorcycles, hardware, steel structure, plate, sheet metal, and other industries.

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RJH605 Arc and Spot Welding Robot

  • Axis: 6-axis
  • Working radius: 1441 mm
  • Payload: 5kg
  • Precision: ±0.06mm


RJH605E Arc and Spot Welding Robot

  • Axis: 6 axes
  • Working radius: 1441mm
  • Payload: 5kg


RJH615 Laser Welding Robot

  • Axis: 6-axis
  • Working radius: 1998.8mm
  • Payload: 15kg

Application & Configuration

Combined with the automation needs and production process of customers, HNC-RJH series robotic welding arms can be integrated with positioners, ground rails, tooling, pneumatic system and fixtures of different purposes and specifications to form an efficient robotic welding cell or robotic welding system for welding automation solutions. Among them, auxiliary modules (positioner, gantry, ground rail, truss, etc.), customized modules (tooling, fixture, gripper, cleaning device, gun cleaning and wire cutting system, vision system, laser tracking system, etc.), and external protection systems (automatic shading curtain, dust removal system, closed welding room, safety protection grating, etc.) can be customized according to customer needs.


Offline Programming Simulation

During the design process of the automatic welding scheme and the subsequent implementation of the scheme, HNC-RJH series welding robot arm is equipped with offline programming simulation software for customers, thereby improving the reliability of the robotic welding cell or robotic welding system scheme, and ensuring the stability of the project construction and operation.

General Configurations

According to the current customer needs, the general configurations of robotic welding cells or systems we provided to customers are as follows:


Items Model Details
Welding Robot Arm HNC-RJH605


Including teach pendant, electric control cabinet, English system, built-in welding process.
Welding Gun Standard√ Integrated at the end of the robot
Wire Feeder Standard√ Integrated on the robot body
Welding Machine Standard√ Optional laser welder
Welding Tracking System Standard√ Identify welds, trace welds
Gun Clearing Station Standard√ With lubricating oil, it has the function of clearing gun and cutting wire. This can be removed by laser welding.
Positioner Customized One-axis to five-axis, optional
Robot Rail Customized Optional
Steel Platform Customized Fixed robot positioner gun cleaning station, etc.
Vacuum System Customized Absorb welding fumes
Protecting Mask Customized Flareproof, splashproof, dustproof, safety protection
PLC Main Control Cabinet S7-1200 Under normal circumstances, the robot can control the above equipment, but when the tooling is uncertain or the customer requires it, configure it (optional).


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