Industrial Robots


Welding Robotic Arm

HNC-RJH series welding robots are specially designed and developed for automatic welding. At present, there are mainly two models: HNC-RJH605 and HNC-RJH615. The robotic welding cell integrates welding machine, welding gun and wire feeder, and has built-in professional welding process. It can carry out arc welding (MAG welding / MIG welding / CO2 welding) and laser welding. It is widely used in automobile, motorcycle, hardware, steel structure, plate, sheet metal and other industries.

Machine Loading & Unloading Robot

HNC-RJR series robots are widely used in the field of loading and unloading of CNC machine tools due to their good versatility. There are more than 10 commonly used models, and the load range varies from 3kg to 150kg. Based on the customer’s processing requirements, RJR series robotic arms can be combined with CNC lathes or machining centers to realize automatic loading and unloading and automatic processing of parts.

Palletizing Robot Arm

HNC-RMD series industrial robots are widely used in the field of palletizing or depalletizing due to the simple body mechanism, large range of motion, flexible and compact installation space, and high operating efficiency. The commonly used models are HNC-RMD410 and HNC-RMD4130, which can help customers to create automated palletizing systems for palletizing various items with steady performance and fast running speed.

Spray Painting Robot Arm

HNC-RBR series robot arms are widely used in the field of spraying, coating, painting and more uses due to their high flexibility and protection. The commonly used models in robotic spray painting system or automated powder coating line are HNC-RBR610, RBR616 and RBR625. In this field, the power spraying and lacquer painting are the most widely used applications. HNC-RBR series spray painting robots, integrating spray guns, generators and storage equipment, can be widely used in automatic spraying operations in the production and processing fields of mechanical parts, sheet metal, injection molded parts, structural parts and etc.

Assembly Robot Arm

HNC-RSR series assembly robot arm is specially developed for high-speed assembly automation application scenarios. It integrates intelligent visual recognition function, has good dynamic tracking function, and has the advantages of high speed, high rigidity, flexible movement and high stability. Commonly used industrial assembly robot models are HNC-RSR3400, HNC-RSR5700, HNC-RSR6600, which have good flexibility and small working range, and can be used with other systems to help you automatize robot assembly operations.

Pick and Place Robotic Arm

HNC-RDT series industrial pick and place robots are parallel robot arms with high precision, high efficiency and long life. It is suitable for fast grabbing, sorting arrangement or packing in various industries. Picking robot integrates intelligent visual recognition function and has good dynamic tracking function, which can meet most scenarios that require fast picking and placing. The commonly used models are HNC-RDT401, HNC-RDT803, HNC-RDT1208, which can help you perfectly realize the intelligent pick-and-place production process of different products.