CNC Milling Controller

As the industry-leading CNC mill controller manufacturer in China, HuazhongCNC provides a complete set of CNC milling controller kits with independent intellectual property rights and independent supporting capabilities. According to the actual processing and production requirements, HNC-8 series CNC milling controllers are specially designed for the high-speed and high-precision control to the CNC milling machines, machining centers and etc.

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Products List


HNC-808Di-M CNC Milling & VMC Machine Controller Panel

  • Axis: 3 axis
  • Protocol: M3, NCUC, Ethercat
  • Screen: 10.4 inches


HNC-808XP-M Online CNC Motion Controller System for Milling

  • Axis: 3 axes
  • Protocol: Ethercat, NCUC, M3
  • Screen: 9 inches


HNC-818Di-M CNC Controller for Machining Center

  • Axis: 4-5 axis
  • Protocol: NCUC, Ethercat
  • Screen: 12 inches


HNC-848Di Closed Loop 5 Axis CNC Controller Kit

  • Axis: 5-32 axes
  • Protocol: NCUC, Ethercat
  • Screen: 17 inches

Features & Functions

The CNC milling machine controller panel uses unique high-speed and high-precision control technology to help users improve processing quality and processing efficiency, and provide users with optimized machining solutions for producing high-precision molds, auto parts, hardware, 3C products and etc.

The CNC milling controllers support a wide variety of milling machines, machining centers and turning-milling machines which are of 3, 4, 5, 6 and more axes. You can choose suitable models according to the practical needs for high-efficiency and high-precision machining to various simple and complex parts such as curves, curved surfaces, grooves, gears, bevels, etc.

Our CNC mill controllers are designed with rich and powerful functions such as multi-axis and multi-channel, tapping synchronization error compensation, smart surface processing, five-axis RTCP function, tool measurement, iNC-Cloud service and etc.


The CNC mill machine controllers support quick preview of the tool path, have multi-axis machining big data analysis software, and support 3D simulation which can perform graphic simulation of NC program before processing and also perform graphical simulation during processing in real time.