CNC Controllers


CNC Lathe Controller

HNC-8 series CNC lathe controller are specially designed for the automatic and precise control of the CNC lathe machines. At present, there are mainly four models: HNC-808Di-T, HNC-808XP-T and HNC-818Di-T. The CNC lathe controller panels are of different screen sizes, advanced control algorithms, rich functions such as automatic chip breaking, thread repair, dual-spindle synchronization technology and etc. as well as user-friendly interface. The CNC controllers are widely used on a wide variety of CNC lathes such as flat bed lathe, slant bed lathe, vertical lathe and etc.

CNC Milling Controller

As the industry-leading CNC mill controller manufacturer in China, HuazhongCNC provides a complete set of CNC milling controller kits with independent intellectual property rights and independent supporting capabilities. According to the actual processing and production requirements, HNC-8 series CNC milling controllers are specially designed for the high-speed and high-precision control to the CNC milling machines, machining centers and etc.

CNC Grinding Machine Controller

HNC-8 series CNC grinder controller is specially designed in line with the application requirements of cylindrical grinding, surface grinding and etc. According to the contour shape of the workpiece and the actual processing requirements, the HNC-8 series CNC grinding machine controller can use advanced and professional CNC technology, algorithms and grinding processes to realize high-efficiency and high-accuracy control to various CNC grinding machines such as surface grinders, cylindrical grinders, internal grinders, centerless grinders, thread grinders and etc.

CNC Drive

HuazhongCNC manufactures a broad range of CNC drives such as CNC servo drives, CNC spindle drives and etc. for the high-precision numerical control of CNC machines. There are various models: HSV-160U series CNC servo drive, HSV-180U series CNC servo drive and CNC spindle drive. The high-performance drives are widely used in different types of CNC machines such as CNC lathes, milling machines, machining centers, turning centers, turning-milling centers.

CNC Motor

HuazhongCNC develops different series of CNC motors for the high-precision numerical control of CNC machines. There are three main series: LDD series low voltage feed motor, GK series high voltage feed motor and GM series high voltage CNC spindle motor. As one of the main parts of the CNC controller kit, the CNC servo motors and CNC spindle motors are for sale with competitive price and widely used in different types of CNC machines such as CNC lathe, CNC milling machine, turning centers, milling centers, CNC grinders and etc. for metal processing.

HNC series CNC machine controller systems are independently designed and developed by HuazhongCNC which is the industry-leading CNC machine control panel manufacturer in China. Our CNC machine control systems are mainly designed for various types of CNC lathes, CNC milling machines, machining centers, high-speed drilling and tapping centers, five-axis machine tools, special machines and other models to provide smart numerical control functions.

Our CNC machine operating systems such as HNC808, HNC818, HNC848 and etc. have already been successfully applied on millions of CNC machine tools for intelligent open-loop or closed-loop system control. The CNC machine control panel units feature intuitive user interface, fast response, clear display, sensitive touch screen, intelligent functions, simple configuration, multiple communication protocols, advanced algorithms and easy maintenance.