Shoe Production Line

The shoe-making production line is a whole-industry-chain intelligent equipment system specially developed by HuazhongCNC for shoe-making enterprises, aiming to create a flexible and intelligent shoe-making production line. The smart shoe production line integrates robots, robotic 3D vision systems, big data and artificial intelligence technologies.

It empowers the transformation and upgrading of the traditional shoemaking industry with intelligent manufacturing, improves the level of production automation, reduces production costs, and improves production efficiency and product quality for the traditional shoemaking industry, and realizes a human-machine collaborative shoe forming automated production line.

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Automatic Shoe Production Processes

The mature intelligent production line of vulcanized shoes and cold-adhesive shoes realizes the process of automatic glue spraying, automatic gluing, etc., which solves the bottleneck problem in the shoe production process chain, effectively ensures the gluing accuracy and product quality, and greatly improves the standardization of the molding of cold-bonded shoes and vulcanized shoes. The shoe production line adopts automatic bottom pressing and automatic perimeter compaction technology, realized the replacement of labor by machines. The shoe production line is also equipped with MES system, and users can know the operation of the production line anytime, anywhere through mobile phones or computers.


Smart Shoe Production Line with 3D Vision System

For the glue spraying, scribing, roughing and other processes in shoemaking, based on robots and 3D cameras, the shoe production line uses self-developed 3D vision and servo control technology to scan and follow the moving uppers and soles in real time to build a three-dimensional Model and plan the execution trajectory path of gluing, scribing, roughing and other processes, which can adapt to the intelligent production of shoe composed of various materials.

Shoe Production Line: Traditional VS Smart

The intelligent shoe production line with interoperability of process information can realize the shoe production of different sizes and styles on the same line. The production line is designed with a cycle time of 300 pairs/hour, and has three characteristics of intelligence, flexibility and informatization. The number of people decreased by 57%; the quality, consumption rate and environmental protection degree of the products have been greatly improved, and the product qualification rate has increased by 3.95%. The VOC emission in the workshop has been reduced from more than level 5 to less than level 2. The workshop realizes information management, which greatly saves the management cost and production cost of shoe-making enterprises and improves the competitiveness.

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Item Traditional Production Line Automated Production Line
Daily production capacity 2400 pairs of shoes 3000 pairs of shoes
Number of workers 65 people 28 people
Appearance quality pass rate 96% 99.95%
Average upper pull ≥ 2.7kg/cm² ≥ 4.2kg/cm²
45° bending resistance test ≥ 50,000 times ≥ 80,000 times
Glue line accuracy error ≤ ±1mm ≤ ±0.5mm
Glue consumption cost $0.079/pair $0.063/pair
Workshop VOC emissions < Level 5 ≤ Level 2
Working environment of gluing With negative effects No bad effects
Workshop management Manual counting Informatization

Capable of Manufacturing Different Kinds of Shoes

Our smart shoe production line can produce shoes of different sizes and styles, such as men's shoes, women's shoes, and children's shoes. It can meet the production and processing of vulcanized shoes and cold-bonded shoes composed of single and multiple materials such as fly woven, mesh, canvas, nylon, leather, etc. of different colors. It has the advantages of high spraying precision, stable quality and environmental protection. The advanced vision system, double conveyor belt transmission and robotic arm glue spraying are carried out simultaneously, which can fully meet the diversified and efficient production needs of shoe manufacturers.


Countless Successful Application Cases

After years of research and development and accumulation of experience, our smart shoe production line has mature technology and strong supporting capabilities. Our vulcanized shoe and cold-adhesive shoe production line are widely used in the processing of various types of shoes, and have also been highly recognized by many shoe manufacturers. Our partners include LEVIS, Nike, ANTA, SEMS, Jinlaike, AOKANG, HUMMEL, FILA, ZARA, etc. Based on our advanced intelligent platform, we can provide refined production management for shoe-making enterprises, and can collect, process and feedback data on order information, process parameters, equipment parameters, equipment failures, etc., and adjust the shoe production plan in real time.