Industrial Automation Training Solutions


Industrial Training Robot

HuazhongCNC has developed various educational industrial robot products for manufacturing process automation training, such as multi-functional training platform, disassembly and assembly training workstation, assembly and debugging training workstation, industrial robot vocational skills competition platform, and integrated practical training platform. These educational training robot platforms can effectively help students understand the classification of industrial robots, master the working principle and structure of industrial robots, and understand the operation and programming of industrial robots.
CNC Machine for Training

CNC Machine for Training

Five-axis linkage CNC machine is the only processing method to process the integral impeller, blade, propeller, toroidal cam, steam turbine rotor, large diesel engine crankshaft and other parts. HuazhongCNC produces high-precision five-axis educational CNC machine, such as intelligent five-axis vertical machining center, cradle five-axis vertical machining center, etc., aiming to provide customers with efficient intelligent processing solutions and five-axis CNC machine teaching solutions.

Intelligent Manufacturing Teaching Platform

The intelligent manufacturing teaching platform integrates typical processing and manufacturing equipment such as numerical control processing equipment, industrial robots, data information collection and control equipment, programming simulation and etc. into an intelligent manufacturing unit "hardware" system. Combining digital design technology, intelligent control technology, high-efficiency processing technology, industrial IOT technology, RFID digital information technology, etc., it constitutes a comprehensive teaching platform that integrates theory and practice.