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HNC-808Di-M CNC Milling & VMC Machine Controller Panel




3 axis


M3, NCUC, Ethercat


10.4 inches

Main Features

  • HNC-808Di-M CNC controller panel used for 3 axis CNC milling & VMC machine
  • 3 axis CNC controller kit with competitive price
  • With quality 10.4-inch color LCD display
  • Support multiple protocols such as M3, NCUC, Ethercat bus protocol
  • Completive price and warm technical service



Features of HNC808Di/M CNC VMC Controller

  1. 2-4 axis control
  2. 10″ color LCD screen
  3. External PLC & IO module
  4. Support NCUC, M3, Ethercat bus protocol
  5. Support high-precision encode
  6. Support full-closed loop control
  7. 8000rpm high-speed rigid tapping
  8. 3-axis CNC controller kits which are widely used for 3 axes CNC milling & VMC machine

Production Flow



Item Specification HNC-808
M(CNC milling)
Maximum number of simultaneously controlled axes in channel / 4
Maximum number of feed axes 4
Maximum number of spindles in channel 2
Number of PMC control axes 1
Number of channels Standard 1
Maximum 1
Spindle/channel Standard 1
Maximum 2
Feed axis/channel Standard 3
Maximum 4
Maximum number of axes in simultaneous motion / 3
Maximum number of feed axes 4
Maximum number of simultaneously controlled axes/channel 3
Number of input/output points at maximum 128/128
Axis name(single channel) Three basic axes X, Y, Z; additional axes: U, V, W, A, B, C Standard
Minimum input unit mm, deg, inch 10-3
Metric/Inch G20/G21 Standard
Pulse unit input G22 Standard
Machine lock / Standard
Emergency stop Standard
Overtravel Standard
Software limit Standard

Application Cases


Meet the needs of rapid cutting and batch processing. Suitable for 5g communication, 3C products, toy products, hardware, valve body processing, especially aluminum alloy parts.

VMC machine with HNC-808Di-M 3 axis CNC VMC controller
VMC machine with HNC-808Di-M 3 axis CNC VMC controller
VMC machine with HNC-808Di-M 3 axis CNC VMC controller
VMC machine with HNC-808Di-M 3 axis CNC VMC controller

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