HuazhongCNC Won the First Prize of Shaanxi Science and Technology Progress Award

Recently, the 2021 Shaanxi Provincial Science and Technology Innovation Conference was held in Xi’an. The conference commended 260 scientific and technological achievements. Among them, the project “Structural Field Constrained Manufacturing of Precision Gratings and Application in High-end Equipment” completed by HuazhongCNC won the first prize of Shaanxi Science and Technology Progress Award.

Supported by the National Science and Technology Major Project (04 Special Project) and other projects, led by the grating R&D team of Xi’an Jiaotong University, HuazhongCNC and other units jointly completed the project of “precision grating structure field constraint manufacturing and application in high-end equipment”, and established a complete Precision grating large-scale manufacturing technology system with independent intellectual property rights.


In response to the urgent need to improve the overall accuracy of equipment in the transformation and upgrading of high-end manufacturing industries, a master grating manufacturing method based on the time base mapping length is proposed, and a structural field-constrained macro-micro-nano cross-scale manufacturing technology system is established, and 18 kinds of grating products in 3 series of linear displacement grating, two-dimensional grating and circular grating are successfully developed. Some core technical indicators such as measurement format, system accuracy and installation tolerance are ahead of similar international products.

Aiming at the electromechanical matching problem of domestic precision grating and domestic CNC system, HuazhongCNC has completed the development of the machine tool dynamic precision measurement system with many years of practical experience. The communication and system-level error compensation between the machine tool’s dual linear axis dynamic accuracy measurement and the numerical control system are realized, and the deep integration of the domestic precision grating and the domestic numerical control system is realized. The series of products and technologies were promoted to the Tengzhou National Medium and Small CNC Machine Tool Industry Cluster Base in Shandong, which realized the improvement of the grating full-closed precision of the small and medium CNC machine tools, and helped the small and medium machine tool manufacturers to transform and upgrade to the high-end CNC machine tool industry. Dozens of companies that have used the technology in high-end equipment fields such as CNC machine tools, precision measuring instruments, high-end printing and etc. have gained hundreds of millions of RMB in profits and achieved significant economic and social benefits.