CNC Lathe Controller

HNC-8 series CNC lathe controller are specially designed for the automatic and precise control of the CNC lathe machines. At present, there are mainly four models: HNC-808Di-T, HNC-808XP-T and HNC-818Di-T. The CNC lathe controller panels are of different screen sizes, advanced control algorithms, rich functions such as automatic chip breaking, thread repair, dual-spindle synchronization technology and etc. as well as user-friendly interface. The CNC controllers are widely used on a wide variety of CNC lathes such as flat bed lathe, slant bed lathe, vertical lathe and etc.

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Products List


HNC-808Di-T Ethercat CNC Lathe Controller

  • Axis: 2-3 axis
  • Protocol: NCUC, M3, Ethercat
  • Screen: 10.4 inches


HNC-808XP-T Open Loop CNC Turning Machine Controller System

  • Axis: 2 or 3 axis
  • Protocol: NCUC, M3, Ethercat
  • Screen: 9 inches


HNC-818Di-T Linux CNC Controller for Lathe

  • Axis: 2-4 axis
  • Protocol: Ethercat, NCUC, M3
  • Screen: 12.1 inches

Features & Functions

HNC-8 series high-performance and high-precision CNC lathe control panels have stable performance and reliable product quality. They have undergone more than ten strict inspections and tests from the purchase of raw materials to the delivery of finished products. The precision lathe CNC controllers are professionally designed and customized according to the actual field application requirements of the lathes.

It has rich tool compensation functions, unique program handwheel test functions, program simulation functions, dialogue tool calibration functions, oblique axis function, and supports full closed-loop control. HNC lathe CNC controller supports standard G code, T code, S code programming of CNC lathes, and also provides a variety of fixed cutting cycles, multiple cycles and MACRO programming, which can fully meet the customization needs of machinery manufacturers.


HNC series CNC turning machine controller has a built-in debugging tool which makes the system debugging simple and intuitive, and the system guidance and the recommended value increase the efficiency of the debugging. Besides, all the configuration files can be easily exported and imported by powerful customization.