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RJR650 Material Handling Robot





Working radius




Main Features

  • Medium-sized material handling robot with payload up to 50kg
  • Working radius up to 2400mm
  • Repeated position accuracy up to 0.08mm
  • Strong material handling capacity with fast response and high accuracy
  • Widely-used in robotic handling systems of smart manufacturing factories
  • Capable of handling various items such as cargo, box, carton and etc.
material handling robot



1. Multi-functional material handling robot

RJR650 is an import part of automated material handling systems that it can be reprogrammed based on different application cases such as processing, assembly and welding.

2. Long-term trouble-free service life

The handling robot is equipped with high-precision and high-rigidity imported reducer which can work for several decades without trouble.

3. Fast response & high flexibility

The material handling robot has high acceleration speed which is up to 0.3 seconds. Its working radius is up to 2400mm with ultra-high repeated positioning accuracy ±0.08mm, which can accurately handle the objects from one location to another one within a short time.

4. Easy installation

The built-in signal line and the air pipe of the main body are plug and play, no need for complicated wiring. The handling robot is compatible with different end effectors to complete the handling of workpieces or material in various shapes and states, which greatly reduces the heavy manual labor of human beings.

5. High smoothness

The advanced control system and servo drive ensures the high-speed and smooth motion of the robot, almost ensures zero pause for the transition point.

6. Handling robot with high load capacity

RJR650 has a large loading capacity – 50kg, and can easily handle a variety of heavy items. It is widely used in machine loading and unloading, automatic assembly lines, automatic production lines and etc.


Material handling robot RJR650
Degree of freedom 6
Payload 50Kg
Maximum working radius 2400mm
Repeated precision ±0.08mm
Range of motion


J2 -160°/70°
J3 +10°/265°
J4 ±360°
J5 ±110°
J6 ±360°
Rated speed


85°/s, 1.48rad/s
J2 85°/s, 1.48rad/s
J3 104°/s, 1.81rad/s
J4 177°/s, 3.08rad/s
J5 155°/s, 2.7rad/s
J6 187°/s, 3.26rad/s
Maximum speed


127.5°/s, 2.22rad/s
J2 127.5°/s, 2.22rad/s
J3 104°/s, 1.81rad/s
J4 177°/s, 3.08rad/s
J5 155°/s, 2.7rad/s
J6 187°/s, 3.26rad/s

Allowable moment of inertia


J5 32.7kg㎡
J4 32.7kg㎡
Allowable torque


J5 340Nm
J4 400Nm
Applicable environment


Humidity 20%~80%
Others Avoid contact with flammable, explosive or corrosive gases and liquids. Keep away from electronic noise sources (plasma).
Cable Length of Instructor 8metre
Body-cabinet connection length 8metre
I/O parameters Digital: 32 inputs, 31 outputs (one for control cabinet fault indicator output)
Battery capacity 7.5kVA
Rated power 6kW
Rated voltage 3-phase AC380V
Rated current 10.8A
Body protection grade IP54/IP65(wrist)
Installation method On the ground
Body weight 747kg
Control cabinet protection   grade IP53
Control cabinet size 700mm(wide)×500mm(thick)×1300mm(high)-vertical
Control cabinet weight 180KG

Application Cases:


RJR650 handling robot can be used for automatic material handling in different fields such as the production lines of food, medicine, electronics, daily necessities for handling heavy cargo or objects.

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