Palletizing Robot Arm

HNC-RMD series industrial robots are widely used in the field of palletizing or depalletizing due to the simple body mechanism, large range of motion, flexible and compact installation space, and high operating efficiency. The commonly used models are HNC-RMD410 and HNC-RMD4130, which can help customers to create automated palletizing systems for palletizing various items with steady performance and fast running speed.

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RMD410 Automated Palletizer Robot

  • Axis: 4-axis
  • Working radius: 1510mm
  • Payload: 10kg


RMD4130 Palletizing and Depalletizing Robot

  • Axis: 4-axis
  • Working radius: 3150mm
  • Payload: 130kg

Application & Configuration

According to the requirements of size, load, cycle time, speed and accuracy provided by customers, we can provide reliable robotic palletizing systems and cells to help customers increase the productivity of palletizing jobs in different fields such as food, cement, home appliances, kitchen & bathroom, 3C and etc. In terms of horizontal palletizing, vertical palletizing and other palletizing methods, we have accumulated many successful application cases, which can help customers to palletize various items, such as boxes, bags, barrels, etc.


In the process of palletizing plan design and subsequent plan implementation, HNC-RMD palletizing robot arm provides you with easy-to-use offline programming simulation software to streamline the palletizing process and improve the reliability of plan design and the stability of later implementation. Meanwhile, our robot is also equipped with professional palletizing process package, which is equipped with special path process design or flexible multi-array palletizing methods for different industries, so as to minimize the user's programming workload and difficulty, and improve the beat of palletizing production.

General Configurations

According to the actual production needs, we can provide you with cost-effective palletizing robotic arms or completely-integrated palletizing cells or systems. The general configurations of automated robotic palletizing system are as follows:


Item Model Details
Palletizing Robot HSR-MD410 HSR-MD4130 Including teach pendant, electric control cabinet, English system, built-in palletizing process package
Robot Gripper Standard√ Integrated at the end of the robot
Transmission lines Standard√ Customized according to actual scene needs

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