Spray Painting Robot Arm

HNC-RBR series robot arms are widely used in the field of spraying, coating, painting and more uses due to their high flexibility and protection. The commonly used models in robotic spray painting system or automated powder coating line are HNC-RBR610, RBR616 and RBR625. In this field, the power spraying and lacquer painting are the most widely used applications. HNC-RBR series spray painting robots, integrating spray guns, generators and storage equipment, can be widely used in automatic spraying operations in the production and processing fields of mechanical parts, sheet metal, injection molded parts, structural parts and etc.

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Products List



RBR610 Robotic Spray Painting Machine

  • Axis: 6-axis
  • Working radius: 1310mm
  • Payload: 10kg


RBR625 Car Painting Robot for Automotive Industry

  • Axis: 6 axes
  • Working radius: 1849.5mm
  • Payload: 25kg

Application & Configuration

HNC-RBR series spray painting robot arm, combined with customer automation needs and customer production scenarios, can integrate with spray guns, tooling, generators and pneumatic systems of different uses and specifications to realize more overall solutions for robot automatic spraying. Our robotic painting robot arms have a large active radius with high flexibility, which can realize painting on the inner surface and outer surface with accurate spraying trajectory, improve the spraying quality and material utilization rate.


In the process of preliminary spraying scheme design & subsequent scheme implementation, HNC-RBR spray painting robot arm can be equipped with offline programming simulation software for customers to use for offline programming, which can help customers save on-site debugging time, and can also increase the reliability of the robotic painting system and improve the stability of subsequent spraying scheme execution.

General Configurations

According to the actual automatic spraying or painting needs of customers, we can provide robotic spray painting system with the following conventional configurations:


Item Model Details
Spray painting robot arm HSR-BR610/ HSR-BR616/ HSR-BR625 Including teach pendant, electric control cabinet, English system, built-in spraying process package
Spray gun Standard√ Integrated at the end of the robot
Powder supply tube Standard√ Integrated on the robot body
Electrostatic generator Standard√  /
Ejector Standard√ /
Electrical accessories Standard√ Including encoders, cables, components, etc.

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