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RJH605 Arc and Spot Welding Robot





Working radius

1441 mm








Arc welding robot HNC-RJH605 is mainly produced for the welding field with the hollow structure of the forearm, making the signal line of the fixture and the air pipe connection more reasonable and far away from interference from external equipment.
— Welding robot with payload 5 kg, working radius of 1441 mm
— Providing the whole solution including fixture, welding torch, welder
— High accuracy of 0.06 mm
— Providing welding program package to make the operation easy
— Widely used for welding automotive parts, metal sheets, steel structure

RJH605 Arc and Spot Welding Robot Main Features

Stable speed, excellent accuracy

Arc welding robot HNC-RJH605 adopts HuazhongCNC’s new generation of the controller and teach pendant. With excellent motion control and large-scale space design, it achieves high reliability and excellent cost performance in welding applications.

Powerful and excellent performance

The hollow arm is adopted. The arm is light in weight and compact in structure, which effectively eliminates the interference of the welding gun cable with the workpiece and peripheral equipment when working in a narrow space, easier to ensure the best posture of the welding gun and improving the wire feeding stability.

Simple to use, easy to program

A humanized, efficient and concise welding process package is provided, as well as professional and customizable services, making novices without welding experience can easily get started, greatly improving efficiency and reducing labor costs

Quality service, efficient after-sales

Remote access monitoring is provided for the user to view the running status of the robot in real-time so that the fault can be solved; it has a professional welding team providing professional welding technical support; dozens of support points for 6 major companies distributed throughout the country, providing quality services 24 hours a day


Industrial robot RJH605
Degree of freedom 6
Payload 5 kg
Maximum working radius 1441 mm
Repeated precision ±0.06 mm
Range of motion J1 ±150°
J2 -145°/+60°
J3 +30°/+270°
J4 ±120°
J5 -110°/+140°
J6 ±360°
Rated speed J1 2.58rad/s, 148°/s
J2 2.58rad/s, 148°/s
J3 2.58rad/s, 148°/s
J4 3.93rad/s, 225°/s
J5 3.93rad/s, 225°/s
J6 3.93rad/s, 225°/s
Maximum speed J1 3.87rad/s, 222°/s
J2 3.87rad/s, 222°/s
J3 3.87rad/s, 222°/s
J4 5.89rad/s, 337.5°/s
J5 5.89rad/s, 337.5°/s
J6 5.89rad/s, 337.5°/s
Allowable inertia moment J4 0.3  kg㎡
J5 0.3  kg㎡
J6 0.035 kg㎡
Allowable torque J4 35 Nm
J5 35 Nm
J6 15 Nm
Application environment Temperature 0~45°
Humidity 20%~80%
Others Avoid contact with  flammable, explosive, or corrosive gas and liquid, and stay away from   electronic noise sources (plasma)
Cable length of teach pendant 8 m
Body-cabinet connection line length 5 m
I/O parameter Pines: input 32 pins, output 31 pins  (the control cabin alarm light occupies 1 pin)
Signal line reserved /
Pneumatic tube /
Battery capacity 2.5KVA
Rated power 2KW
Rated voltage Single AC phase 220V 50HZ
Rated current 10.8A
Protection level of robot arm IP50
Electric cabinet protection level IP50
Installation method On the earth, upside down pendant, side pendant
 Electric cabinet size 640 mm(W)×460 mm(T)×620 mm(H)-vertical

Welding process package features

● Can realize the function of gas metal arc welding and argon arc welding (filler wire and non-filler-wire)

● Have welding positioning function

● Compatible with a variety of welding machine power brands, welding machine configuration is simple and fast

● Welding process package has shortcut buttons, achieving high efficiency of human-computer interaction

● Can start arc continuously and restart after welding interruption

● Support two communications: analog and bus

● Have a variety of swing welding functions. Including linear function swing welding, trapezoidal swing welding, and spiral swing welding.

● The number of welding channels is up to 80, which can be arbitrarily configured according to the actual use

● Strong expandability, can be configured for the welding gun cleaner to achieve automatic gun cleaning, wire cutting, and fuel injection function

● Have a general control function for welding, convenient for on-site debugging

Application Cases:


Welding Case of Spot Welding Robot RJH605

The workstation uses the layout of a dual-robot dual-station plus positioned, in which the long-arm robot, imported welding power supply and water-cooled welding gun are used for welding. The double pulse multi-channel method is used, which saves half of the labor compared to manual mode, the welding quality is stable, and the welding seam is beautiful. It is simple to use;

Welding Case of Spot Welding Robot RJH605

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