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Main Features

  • RJH615 is a high-speed and high-precision 6-axis robotic arm
  • Two models: 2m arm span with 15kg load capacity; 1.8m arm span with 20kg load capacity
  • Forearm and wrist with large-diameter hollow design, suitable for arranging tool lines in welding, grinding and etc. scenarios which can effectively minimize end line interference
  • Extremely high speed and welding precision
  • Robotic arm for laser welding, Mig welding and etc.


  1. The laser and Mig welding robot is equipped with an easy-to-use HsPad teaching pendant, which makes it effortless for users to operate.
  2. It can be connected to industrial Ethernet such Profinet through the gateway device to realize data communication between the controller and external PLC.
  3. Intelligent trajectory optimization strategy for optimal control performance.
  4. Integrated with various sensor such as vision sensors, torque sensors, stability sensors and etc. Alert mode and assist mode combined with sensors.
  5. Based on rich practical cases and integration of processing technology, we have developed a variety of process packages such as welding process packages, which greatly reduces the difficulty of programming.
  6. RJH615 laser welding robot has double guarantees of performance and stability: the linear trajectory accuracy is as high as 0.08mm and the arc trajectory accuracy is as high as 0.2mm when the speed is 100%.
  7. It provides remote access monitoring to view the running status of the robot in real time, which is helpful for remote troubleshooting.
  8. RJH615 Mig welding robot can provide professional and customizable services, so that beginners without welding experience can easily get started.


Industrial robot RJH615
Degree of freedom 6
Payload 15kg
Maximum working radius 1998.8mm
Repeated precision ±0.05mm
Range of motion J1 ±165°
J2 75°/-190°
J3 244°/-26°
J4 ±180°
J5  ±180°
J6 ±360°
Rated speed J1 110°/s
J2 110°/s
J3 165°/s
J4 225°/s
J5 252°/s
J6 360°/s
Maximum speed J1 220°/s
J2 220°/s
J3 220°/s
J4 375°/s
J5 420°/s
J6 600°/s
Allowable inertia moment J4 2.8㎏㎡
J5 2.2 kg㎡
J6 0.5 kg㎡
Allowable torque J4 101.6 Nm
J5 90 Nm
J6 31 Nm
Application environment Temperature 0~45°
Humidity 20%~80%
Others Avoid contact with flammable, explosive or corrosive gas and liquid, and stay away from electronic noise sources  (plasma)
Cable length of teach pendant 8m
Body-cabinet connection line length 6m
I/O parameter Pines: input 32 pins, output 31 pins (the control cabin alarm light occupies 1 pin)
Signal line reserved /
Pneumatic tube /
Battery capacity 6.9KVA
Rated power 5.2KW
Rated voltage Three AC phase 380V
Rated current 9.3A
Protection level of robot arm IP54 (arm: IP67)
Electric cabinet protection level IP50
Installation method Ground/Upside Down/Side Mount/Any Direction Installation
 Electric cabinet size 640mm(W)×460mm(T)×620mm(H) – vertical

Application Cases:



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