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RJR612 CNC Machine Tending Robot




6 axes

Working radius




Main Features

  • RJR612 is a high-performance general small payload 6 axes robot.
  • Developed on the basis of Huashu control technology and high-performance servo motor
  • Bigger motion range of 1555mm and higher of repeated accuracy of ±0.06mm compared with the same level of other robot
  • Adopt high rigidity arm, advanced servo motor and reducer that brings fast speed and reliability
  • RJR612 robotic arm is widely used for CNC machine tending or material loading and unloading
  • Also widely used for robotic grinding and polishing, handling, palletizing and welding.
RJR612 CNC Machine Tending Robot


  1. Strict precision inspection: accurate machining control with trajectory accuracy test by imported advanced measuring equipment.
  2. Smooth start and stop: ensured by high-precision reducer of famous international brand, matching high-performance servo motor.
  3. High-performance control system: make the robots run quickly and accurately.
  4. Bigger payload up to 12Kg and longer movement range to 1555mm (working radius)
  5. Rich user interfaces: the internal wiring of the main body integrates the servo motor power line and coding line, as well as the DB15 interface and the φ8 air pipe interface, which not only makes the appearance better, but also facilitates the wiring for grippers.
  6. Hollow screw for the fourth axes, so the air tube can pass through the inside of the arm, protecting well the air tube.


Industrial robot RJR612
Degree of freedom 6
Payload 12Kg
Maximum working radius 1555mm
Repeated precision ±0.06mm
Range of motion J1 ±168°
J2 -170°/+75°
J3 +40°/ +265°
J4 ±180°
J5 ±108°
J6 ±360°
Rated speed J1 148°/s, 2.58rad/s
J2 148°/s, 2.58rad/s
J3 148°/s, 2.58rad/s
J4 360°/s, 6.28rad/s
J5 225°/s, 3.93rad/s
J6 360°/s, 6.28rad/s
Maximum speed J1 197.33°/s, 3.44rad/s
J2 197.33°/s, 3.44rad/s
J3 197.33°/s, 3.44rad/s
J4 600°/s, 10.47rad/s
J5 375°/s, 6.54rad/s
J6 600°/s, 10.47rad/s
Allowable moment of inertia J6 0.17kg㎡
J5 1.2kg㎡
J4 1.2kg㎡
Allowable torque J6 15Nm
J5 35Nm
J4 35Nm
Applicable environment Temperature 0~45°
Humidity 20%~80%
Others Avoid contact with flammable, explosive or corrosive gases and   liquids. Keep away from electronic noise sources (plasma).
Cable Length of Instructor 8metre
Body-cabinet connection length 6metre
I/O parameters Digital: 32 inputs, 31 outputs (one for control cabinet fault indicator output)
Battery capacity 3.8kVA
Rated power 3kW
Rated voltage Three phaseAC380V
Rated current 5.4A
Body protection grade IP54/IP65 (wrist)
Installation method Ground installation、side mount installation
Body weight 196kg
Control cabinet protection level IP53
Control cabinet size 650mm(wide) × 580mm(thick) × 940mm(high)
Control cabinet weight 130KG

Application Cases:


The below video shows a robotic machine tending case that the RJR612 robot is used in the manufacture of automobile hydraulic valves to perform material loading and unloading for CNC machine tools.

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