CNC Drive

HuazhongCNC manufactures a broad range of CNC drives such as CNC servo drives, CNC spindle drives and etc. for the high-precision numerical control of CNC machines. There are various models: HSV-160U series CNC servo drive, HSV-180U series CNC servo drive and CNC spindle drive. The high-performance drives are widely used in different types of CNC machines such as CNC lathes, milling machines, machining centers, turning centers, turning-milling centers.

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Products List


HSV-160U Series Low Voltage AC Servo Drive

  • Voltage: 220v
  • Power: 200w to 100kw
  • Interface: NCUC, Ethercat


HSV-180U 380V High Voltage Series Servo Drive

  • Voltage: 380v
  • Power: 200w to 100kw
  • Interface: NCUC, Ethercat

Functions & Features

HuazhongCNC provides various types of CNC drives which support various protocols such as NCUC bus and pulse interface, Ethercat bus and pulse interface, etc.

The multi-axis CNC machine drives are of modular design, compact structure, small size, high positioning accuracy, sufficient transmission rigidity, high speed stability, fast response speed and high reliability.

The CNC drives have strong adaptability to temperature, humidity, vibration and other environments and strong anti-interference ability with wide speed regulation range, low speed high torque and strong overload capacity, which can effectively ensure productivity and machining quality.


According to the actual processing technology and machining needs of machine tools, our CNC drives are continuously optimizing in terms of performance and functions. Many advanced functions have been added, such as vibration suppression filter function, hardware current loop technology, etc. It effectively improves the performance of our CNC servo drives and CNC spindle drives in the operation effect, working efficiency, response speed, rigidity of servo control, and the control accuracy.