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Working radius




Main Features

  • RRSR6600 scara robot is specially designed for desktop pickup and fast assembly applications
  • It uses self-developed controller and servo motor
  • The robotic assembly arm can carry 6kg workpiece under high torque condition
  • The speed of motor can reach 5000rpm
  • The selective compliance assembly robot arm can be widely used in assembly and handling for electronic products, pharmaceutical products and food packaging.



1. Fast

High-speed cycle time of 0.4s and excellent acceleration and deceleration with smooth start/stop time, bringing more efficiency.

2. Overload capacity

Load up to 6Kg, rated load 2Kg, even if the load increases, it can maintain high-speed cycle.

3. Accurate

Using DYNALOG to make the trajectory accuracy test, the repeated positioning accuracy of the 1st and 2nd joint is +0.02mm, the 3rd joint is up to +0.01mm, and the 4th joint is +0.01°.

4. Reliable

The robot will be tested for more than 7 * 24 hours to ensure the stability and reliability of quality.

5. Easy operation

Rich users’ interfaces, the internal wiring of the main body integrates the servo motor power line and coding line, as well as the user-friendly DB15 interface and the φ8 air pipe interface, which not only brings a nice appearance, but also facilitates the fixture wiring.



Industrial robot RSR6600
Degree of freedom 4
Maximum payload 6Kg/2Kg
Maximum working radius 600mm
Repeated precision ±0.02mm
Range of motion J1 ±132°
J2 ±150°
J3 0-200mm
J4 ±360°
Rated speed J1 225°/s, 3.92rad/s
J2 360°/s, 6.28rad/s
J3 666mm/s
J4 1200°/s, 20.93rad/s
Maximum speed J1 375°/s, 6.54rad/s
J2 600°/s, 10.46rad/s
J3 1111mm/s
J4 2000°/s, 34.88rad/s
Allowable moment of   inertia J4 0.12kg㎡/0.01kg㎡
Allowable torque J4 4.23Nm
Applicable environment Temperature 0 ~ 45°
Humidity 20% ~ 80%
Others Avoid contact with flammable, explosive or corrosive gases and liquids. Keep away from electronic noise sources (plasma).
Cable length of teach pendant Optional (8 m cable length for teaching device if required)
Body-cabinet connection length 3metre
I/O parameters Digital: 32 inputs, 31 outputs (one for control cabinet fault indicator output)
Battery capacity 0.8kVA
Rated power 0.6kW
Rated voltage Single phase AC220V
Rated current 3.2A
Protection level IP54
Installation method Ground Installation, Desktop Installation
Body weight 21kg
Control cabinet protection level IP53
Control cabinet size 500(wide)×270(thick)×530(high) – can stand
Control cabinet weight 38KG

Application Cases:


RSR6600 selective compliance assembly robot arm is widely used in 3C, household appliances and other industries to realize assembly process automation, such as notebook computer assembly, assembly fastening process in the household appliance production, etc. By using the robotic assembly kit, you can save a lot of labor and improve production efficiency. Please watch the below videos to see our successful application cases of RSR6600.

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