Lithium Battery Production Line

HuazhongCNC lithium battery assembly lines are divided into four categories, square shell battery module assembly line, soft pack battery module assembly line, cylindrical battery module assembly line, and AGV PACK line.

Based on intelligent robots and information-based manufacturing technology, the lithium battery production line can realize flexible and intelligent production. The whole process adopts the information acquisition module to monitor the entire production line, and the central control system controls the entire production process. The production process adopts robot instead of manual production, and very few stations are set up with manual intervention, and the degree of automation is high.

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Main Process of Lithium Battery Production Line

The main processes of the square shell power battery module automatic production line include cell feeding, battery processing and testing, cell stacking, side seam welding, Busbar laser welding, module testing, etc. The main processes of the cylindrical power battery module automatic production line include automatic battery sorting, inserting brackets, screwing, welding, assembly, testing, etc. The main processes of the soft pack power battery module automatic production line include cell processing, unit assembly, and module assembly. The AGV-PACK line mainly includes processes such as box on-line processing, cooling system installation, module entry, module locking, and PACK testing.

Battery Production Information Management System

Each lithium ion battery production line, such as the battery pack assembly line, is equipped with MES system software. The software displays the real-time production progress, order execution status as well as the monitoring of equipment status clearly through electronic displayers. Through the MES system software, the production line can be well managed and maintained, so that the production line of lithium batteries can run stably with the maximized production efficiency.

Lithium Battery Production Line: Traditional VS Smart

1. From large-scale assembly line production to large-scale customized production. 2. Obtain product information, process information, various production process information and quality information during the manufacturing process in real time. 3. The combination of automation and informatization, making full use of the analysis and application of big data. 4. Use UWB, RFID and other IOT technologies to locate, track and control the flow of items and people. 5. Through the combination of process production simulation and product simulation to realize digital factory design.


Capable of Producing Various Types of Lithium Batteries

The intelligent production line can assemble lithium batteries of various materials and various shapes, such as square shell batteries, soft pack batteries, cylindrical batteries, AGV batteries, lithium ion battery, etc. It can help our customers realize the intelligence and informatization of lithium battery processing procedures such as installation, gluing, welding, loading and unloading, packaging and etc.


Partners Who Choose Our Battery Production Lines

As China's industry-leading battery assembly line manufacturer, we have advanced robotics technology, information technology, strong production line integration and supporting capabilities. Many domestic and overseas lithium battery manufacturers have chosen us. Our lithium battery intelligent assembly production lines are widely used in the field of new energy vehicles, and our partners include SF MOTORS, SERES, DONGFENG MOTOR, BYD, PSA, SOKON and etc.