Intelligent Manufacturing Teaching Platform

The intelligent manufacturing teaching platform integrates typical processing and manufacturing equipment such as numerical control processing equipment, industrial robots, data information collection and control equipment, programming simulation and etc. into an intelligent manufacturing unit "hardware" system. Combining digital design technology, intelligent control technology, high-efficiency processing technology, industrial IOT technology, RFID digital information technology, etc., it constitutes a comprehensive teaching platform that integrates theory and practice.

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Functions & Features

Using the Internet of Things technology, on the basis of the interconnection of numerical control equipment, and integrating the intelligent collection, analysis and visualization of industrial big data, the intelligent manufacturing teaching system grasps the working status of machine tools, robots and other physical equipment and other information in real time.

According to the requirements of enterprises for talent knowledge structure and practical skills, our intelligent manufacturing teaching products are designed to help customers cultivate high-quality talents who meet the needs of modern intelligent production.


The intelligent manufacturing teaching platform is widely used in vocational colleges or training centers, which can enable students to more intuitively understand the actual production environment, the basic structure, the information management platform and the production process of the intelligent factory. At the same time, our intelligent manufacturing teaching products also have real processing capabilities, which can meet the needs of training, practical processing and scientific research exploration.