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RJH605E Arc and Spot Welding Robot




6 axes

Working radius




Main Features

  • RJH605E welding robot can perform robotic arc welding, spot welding, mig welding and etc.
  • Designed for welding multiple types of materials such as metal, aluminum, stainless steel.
  • Flexible robotic arm for automatic welding of car parts, pipes, steel structures, medical devices etc.
  • Six-axis welding robot with hollow structure which ensures all cables are well protected in the robotic arm, avoiding interference with other welding equipment.
  • Provided with special welding programming package, which makes the welding easier and convenient.



1. Hollow robotic arm, light and compact, putting all the wires inside, effectively eliminating the interference with welding torch’s cables.

2. Welding programming package has multiple functions and simple interface, which makes the ARC welding operation easier.

3. Intelligent instruction check: automatically check whether the user’s program welding instructions are correct or no.

4. External axis coordination: support up to 3 external axes to work together with the robot, can work with various types of positioners.

5. Structure of robotic arc and spot welding system: welding gun, robot controller, welding machine and etc.


Industrial robot RJH605E
Degree of freedom 6
Payload 5kg
Maximum working radius 1441mm
Repeated precision ±0.06mm
Range of motion J1 ±150°
J2 -145°/+60°
J3 +30°/+270°
J4 ±120°
J5  -110°/+140°
J6 ±360°
Rated speed J1 2.58rad/s, 148°/s
J2 2.58rad/s, 148°/s
J3 2.58rad/s, 148°/s
J4 3.93rad/s, 225°/s
J5 3.93rad/s, 225°/s
J6 3.93rad/s, 225°/s
Maximum speed J1 3.87rad/s, 222°/s
J2 3.87rad/s, 222°/s
J3 3.87rad/s, 222°/s
J4 5.89rad/s, 337.5°/s
J5 5.89rad/s, 337.5°/s
J6 5.89rad/s, 337.5°/s
Allowable inertia moment J6 0.035kg.m2㎏㎡
J5 0.3kg㎡
J4 0.3kg㎡
Allowable torque J6 15Nm
J5 35Nm
J4 35Nm
Application environment Temperature 0~45°
Humidity 20%~80%
Others Avoid contact with flammable, explosive or   corrosive gas and liquid, and stay away from electronic noise sources (plasma)
Cable length of teach pendant 8m
Body-cabinet connection line length 5m
I/O parameter Pines: input 32 pins, output 31 pins (the control cabin alarm light occupies 1 pin)
Signal line reserved /
Pneumatic tube /
Battery capacity 2.5KVA
Rated power 2KW
Rated voltage Single AC phase 220V 50HZ
Rated current 10.8A
Protection level of robot arm IP50
Electric cabinet protection level IP50
Installation method On the earth, upside down pendant, side   pendant
 Electric cabinet size 640mm(W)×460mm(T)×620mm(H)-vertical

Product Size

rjh605e-arc-welding-robot-dimensions1 rjh605e-spot-welding-robot-dimensions2

Application Cases:

Welded parts effects
Welded parts effects
Welded parts effects
Welded parts effects
Car's door welding
Car's door welding
Battery box welding
Battery box welding
Furniture welding
Furniture welding

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