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RBR5110 Five-axis Palletizing Robot




5 axes

Working radius







RBR5110 is developed for clients who need of small application field, high tempo, and cost-effectiveness. It is especially suitable for efficient stacking and handling operations where wrist joint freedom is required. As a domestic product, its maximum joints’ speed has reached the same level as KUKA’s counterpart product (KR120 R32200PA), which has high-cost performance and competitiveness in the market.

RBR5110 Five-axis Palletizing Robot Features

1: Unique double-rotation structure. Compared to the external rotary motion of a general-purpose robot, the BR5110 inherits the unique double-rotation configuration (outer rotation and internal rotation) of the BR series robot. The internal rotation mode allows BR5110 largely wires up or transport between stations under limited space because the BR5110 occupied a limited base area and the outside space is not occupied while moving.
2: 360°Full coverage. The BR5110 achieves 360° full coverage within a 2.4 m radius.
3: Flexibility. Compared to the traditional four-axis palletizing robot which can only handle the target handling operation in a single posture, the wrist joint added in BR5110 can achieve the grasping and placing actions in various postures.
4: Efficient. The BR5110 is faster than conventional robots with a unique dual-rotation design and high-speed motor configuration.
5: Convenient and easy programming operations. The BR5110 comes with a palletizing process package for simpler and more understandable programming, which can help with setting up the palletizing type instantaneously.


Industrial robot RBR5110
Degree of freedom 5
Payload 110Kg
Maximum working radius 2400 mm
Repeatability ±0.02 mm
Range of motion J1 ±180°
J2 -180°~ 0°
J3 +20°~+330°
J4 ±120°
J5 ±360°
Rated speed J1 85°/s, 1.48rad/s
J2 78°/s, 1.35rad/s
J3 70°/s, 1.22rad/s
J4 187°/s, 3.27rad/s
J5 225°/s, 3.93rad/s
Maximum speed J1 128°/s, 2.23rad/s
J2 116°/s, 2.03rad/s
J3 105°/s, 1.84rad/s
J4 225°/s, 3.93rad/s
J5 300°/s, 5.23rad/s
Allowable moment of inertia J5 26.4kgm²
J4 5.3kgm²
Allowable torque J5 707Nm
J4 327Nm
Applicable environment Temperature 0 ~ 45°
Humidity 20% ~ 80%
Others Avoid contact with inflammable or corrosive gas and liquid,
Stay away from electronic noise(plasma)
Cable Length of Instructor 8metre
Body-cabinet connection length 8metre
I/O parameters Pins: 32 pins input(NPN, PNP available), 31 pins output(NPN)
Battery capacity 17kVA
Rated power 14KW
Rated voltage Three-phase Five-wire AC380V
Rated current 20.77A
Body protection grade IP50
Installation method Ground installation
Body weight 980kg
Control cabinet protection   grade IP54
Control cabinet size 700 (wide)x 500 (thick)x 1200 (high) – vertical type
Control cabinet weight 160KG

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