Automated Packaging Conveyor System

The industrial automatic packaging line & conveyor system takes robot technology as the core, and adopts various advanced industrial equipment and technologies such as flexible conveying system, high-speed automatic sorting system, infrared (wireless) communication technology and barcode (visual) detection technology, providing a complete set of factory-level conveying & packaging systems including packaging, packing, palletizing, conveying, RGV, AGV and automated three-dimensional warehouses.

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Main Processes of Packaging Conveyor System

Our robotic packaging & conveying system is based on robot technology. The main processes include product scheduling, conveying, handling, unpacking, sorting, packaging, sealing, coding, palletizing, depalletizing, etc., and all these production processes are fully automated via packing robot arms or related devices.


Informatized & Digital Management

The industrial robotic packaging & conveying system is equipped with a variety of intelligent management software such as MES software, WMS, WCS, CCR, etc. Manufacturers can use the scheduling management system to achieve dynamic material allocation, and can display the production progress and order execution process, as well as real-time monitoring of equipment status. Via Internet technology and intelligent terminal equipment, we help production enterprises realize data management, improve the automation level of production enterprises and build intelligent factories.

Rich Experience & Complete System Solution

HuazhongCNC has rich experience in R&D and production in the fields of case sealing machine, case unpacking machine, sealing and shrinking machine, and e-commerce packaging machine. Combined with industrial packaging robot ontology technology and robot peripheral auxiliary technology, our intelligent packaging production line can provide customers with a complete set of packaging, unpacking, packing, sealing, wrapping, conveying, sorting, palletizing, warehousing, loading and other automation solutions.


Application Scope of Automatic Packing System

HuazhongCNC conveying & packaging production lines are used in food, beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, photovoltaic, express logistics, electronic 3C, home appliances, automobiles and other fields. The main products include: integrated packing & unpacking machine for food, dairy, medicine, cosmetics, etc., robot palletizing and depalletizing system, photovoltaic intelligent packaging and conveying system, etc.


Trustworthy Provider of Packaging Line

Based on rich experience in automation application, production line integration and supporting capabilities, and strong sales and service network, the automated packaging line and conveyor system are widely used in 36 countries and regions, and are highly praised by customers. Our partners include Haier, Gree, Foxconn, Galanz, Hisense, KAUTEX, WINSTAR etc.