Assembly Robot Arm

HNC-RSR series assembly robot arm is specially developed for high-speed assembly automation application scenarios. It integrates intelligent visual recognition function, has good dynamic tracking function, and has the advantages of high speed, high rigidity, flexible movement and high stability. Commonly used industrial assembly robot models are HNC-RSR3400, HNC-RSR5700, HNC-RSR6600, which have good flexibility and small working range, and can be used with other systems to help you automatize robot assembly operations.

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Products List

RBR610 assembly line robot


RBR610 Assembly Line Robot

  • Axis: 6-axis
  • Working radius: 1310mm
  • Payload: 10Kg


RSR3400 Scara Robot Arm

  • Axis: 4-axis
  • Working radius: 400mm
  • Payload: 3kg/1kg


RSR5700 Industrial Scara Robot

  • Axis: 4-axis
  • Working radius: 700mm
  • Payload: 5kg/2kg


RSR6600 Scara Assembly Robot Arm

  • Axis: 4-axis
  • Working radius: 600mm
  • Payload: 6kg/2kg

Application & Configuration

HNC-RSR series robot, combining the actual assembly application scenarios and cooperating with the vision software, integrates the vision setting, tool setting, trajectory setting, and calibration modules into one. Our HNC-RSR series robotic arms have formed many mature automated assembly solutions in the fields of food, 3C, new energy, glass panels, PCB and etc. The assembly robot arms have been widely used in the assembly of motors, automobiles, computers, toys, electromechanical products and the components.


In order to ensure the rationality of the scheme design and the stability of the later scheme execution, we will carry out special proofing experiments to the HNC-RSR series assembly robot arms according to the actual situation. It is our eternal pursuit - providing effective automated assembly solutions with high customer satisfaction.

General Configurations

The assembly robotic arm is the core equipment of the flexible automated assembly system. With different end effectors such as various grippers and wrists, it can adapt to different assembly objects. According to the customer’s site conditions and actual assembly needs, our professional robot engineers can provide customers with a complete set of robot equipment. The conventional configuration is as follows:


Item Model Details
Scara Robot HNC-RSR3400



Including teach pendant, electric control cabinet, English system
Robot Gripper Standard√ Integrated at the end of the robot
Visual system Standard√ Including industrial computer, camera, lens, light source, visual software, display screen, keyboard and mouse

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