Robotic Production Lines


Automated Packaging Conveyor System

The industrial automatic packaging line & conveyor system takes robot technology as the core, and adopts various advanced industrial equipment and technologies such as flexible conveying system, high-speed automatic sorting system, infrared (wireless) communication technology and barcode (visual) detection technology, providing a complete set of factory-level conveying & packaging systems including packaging, packing, palletizing, conveying, ... Read more

Lithium Battery Production Line

HuazhongCNC lithium battery assembly lines are divided into four categories, square shell battery module assembly line, soft pack battery module assembly line, cylindrical battery module assembly line, and AGV PACK line. Based on intelligent robots and information-based manufacturing technology, the lithium battery production line can realize flexible and intelligent production. The whole process adopts the ... Read more

Robotic Assembly Lines

Automated assembly line or robotic assembly line is indispensable in industrial manufacturing, and its application fields are getting wider and wider. After the HNC series automated assembly line robotic arms are configured with advanced algorithms, workers and robots can be organically combined to establish a division of labor and operate in the automated assembly system, which ... Read more

Shoe Production Line

The shoe-making production line is a whole-industry-chain intelligent equipment system specially developed by HuazhongCNC for shoe-making enterprises, aiming to create a flexible and intelligent shoe-making production line. The smart shoe production line integrates robots, robotic 3D vision systems, big data and artificial intelligence technologies. It empowers the transformation and upgrading of the traditional shoemaking industry ... Read more