Robotic Assembly Lines

Automated assembly line or robotic assembly line is indispensable in industrial manufacturing, and its application fields are getting wider and wider. After the HNC series automated assembly line robotic arms are configured with advanced algorithms, workers and robots can be organically combined to establish a division of labor and operate in the automated assembly system, which can meet the assembly requirements of various products, thereby reducing product manufacturing cycles. Our robotic assembly lines have been successfully applied in many fields such as home appliances, kitchen & bathroom, 3C electronics, etc.

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Main Process of Automated Assembly Line

The intelligent assembly production line takes robot technology as the core, and integrates all kinds of automation equipment for collaborative operation. The main process of the entire assembly line is fully automated, such as incoming, conveying, handling, sorting, cleaning, testing, gluing, screw locking, labeling, packaging, palletizing, depalletizing, etc. According to product characteristics, operation content and production rhythm, the automatic assembly line can adopt a layout that is consistent with the production process, such as tree structure, series structure, parallel structure, etc. The layout of each station is of reasonable design in order to maximize the assembly operation efficiency.


Intelligent Management System

Each intelligent assembly line is equipped with MES manufacturing management software, which can display the production progress, order execution, real-time monitoring of various equipment and etc., and can realize dynamic material allocation through the computer scheduling management system. Through the MES system, the fully-automated or semi-automated assembly line can be well managed and maintained, so that various production work can be run organically and efficiently.

Advantages of Automatic Assembly Lines

Compared with traditional large-scale assembly production lines, fully-automatic robotic assembly production lines have turned to mass customized production. With advanced information technology and software, various data such as product information, process information, production process information, and quality information in the manufacturing process can be obtained in real time. On the basis of the combination of automation and informatization, making full use of big data analysis and application, UWB/RFID IOT technology, etc., the intelligent assembly line can locate, track and control the flow of items and people. Through the process/production simulation and product simulation technology, we can customize a reliable digital factory design for you and bring it to reality.


Capable of Producing Different Kinds of Products

The intelligent assembly production line has many successful application cases in various industries such as household appliances, kitchen and bathroom, 3C and etc., and produced a variety of industrial products such as refrigerators, electric ovens, kettles, microwave ovens, washing machines, dishwashers, range hoods, notebooks, mobile phones, desktop computers, etc. with high efficiency and excellent quality. It greatly increases the customer's factory production capacity and reduces production costs.


Customers Who Are Using Our Automated Assembly Lines

Focusing on the overall solutions and services of intelligent manufacturing and intelligent factories, Huazhong CNC's intelligent assembly lines and integrated supporting capabilities have been recognized by domestic and overseas customers. Our customers include FOXCONN, Lens Technology, Hisense, Haier, Gree, Galanz, Bear, Tri-Ring Group, KAUTEX, Changhong and many renowned brands.