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RDT803 Delta Robot Pick and Place System




4 axes

Working radius







The DT803 is suitable for fast sorting or boxing in various industries, integrated intelligent visual recognition, and good dynamic tracking. The 3KG load can meet most products that require fast sorting. DT-Catch software integrates visual settings, tool settings, The track setting, palletizing module, and the calibration module are integrated to simplify the operation process so that users can change the program they need at any time. Mature motion control technology ensures the stability of the robot system. The key moving parts adopt imported mature brands to ensure the service life.

RDT803 Delta Robot Pick and Place Characteristics

1. Precise positioning: Repeat positioning accuracy is up to 0.1 mm.
2. Visual Intelligent Recognition: The robot comes with a vision system that recognizes and accurately locates the shape, features, and posture of the target.
3. Conveyor dynamic tracking: Dynamically capture the target of visual recognition, greatly improving the efficiency of capture.
4. High speed: No-load grabbing beat can reach 140 times/minute (span 400 mm).


Pick and place Delta robot RDT803
Number of axis four-axis
Cartesian coordinate operating range R 400 mm
Z 200 mm
Joint operating range J1 5°~125°
J2 5°~125°
J3 5°~125°
J4 ±360°
Running beat(25-400-25) 140
Repeated precision ±0.1 mm
Payload 3 kg
Motor power 1–3 axis 750W
Motor power 4 axis 400W
Total power 3000W
Voltage 380V
I/O parameter Digital: 32 inputs, 32 outputs
Protection level IP54
Ambient humidity 20%-85%
Ambient temperature 0-45℃
Robot weight 114 kg
Installation method hoisting
Control cabinet protection level IP53
Control cabinet size 575(Wide)×352(Thickness)
Control cabinet weight 38KG

Application Cases:


Our DT803 delta robot arm is widely used in robotic picking and placing systems for sorting different types of objects such as spoon sorting, PCB circuit board sorting, button battery sorting, logistics product sorting, etc. The below videos share the successful application cases of the DT803 delta robot for pick and place purposes.

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