Machine Loading & Unloading Robot

HNC-RJR series robots are widely used in the field of loading and unloading of CNC machine tools due to their good versatility. There are more than 10 commonly used models, and the load range varies from 3kg to 150kg. Based on the customer’s processing requirements, RJR series robotic arms can be combined with CNC lathes or machining centers to realize automatic loading and unloading and automatic processing of parts.

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Products List

RJR612 CNC Machine Tending Robot


RJR612 CNC Machine Tending Robot

  • Axis: 6 axes
  • Working radius: 1555mm
  • Payload: 12kg
material handling robot


RJR6150 Six-axis Joint Robot

  • Axis: 6-axis
  • Working radius: 2765.8mm
  • Payload: 150kg
JR618 Handling robot


RJR618 Six-axis Handling Robot

  • Axis: 6-axis
  • Working radius: 1989 mm
  • Payload: 18kg
material handling robot


RJR620 Load and Upload Robot

  • Axis: 6-axis
  • Working radius: 1848mm
  • Payload: 20kg
material handling robot


RJR630 Load and Upload Robot

  • Axis: 6-axis
  • Working radius: 1701mm
  • Payload: 30Kg
material handling robot


RJR650 Material Handling Robot

  • Axis: 6-axis
  • Working radius: 2400mm
  • Payload: 50kg
material handling robot


RJR680 Industrial Robot

  • Axis: 6-axis
  • Working radius: 2200.4mm
  • Payload: 80kg

Application & Configuration

Combined with customer automation needs and production processes, CNC machine tools, robot guide rails, tooling, material racks and machine tool (including loading and unloading robots) fixtures of different uses and specifications can be selected. Various automated robotic loading solutions can be realized to improve the processing efficiency of a broad range of machines such as CNC machines, punching machines, grinders and etc.

Among them, auxiliary modules (robot rails, material racks, control cabinets, etc.), custom modules (tools, fixtures, etc.), external protection systems (fences, sensors, etc.), layout mode (one robot with two machine tools, or with three machine tools, or with multiple machine tools) can be fully customized according to the actual processing needs of customers.


In the preliminary scheme design and subsequent scheme implementation process, HNC-RJR series machine loading and unloading robots are equipped with offline programming simulation software for customers to use, which can predict potential problems and program complex tasks, thereby increasing the reliability of the robotic loading scheme and enhancing the stability of the scheme implementation.

According to customer needs, we provide the following conventional configurations for robotic loading and unloading of CNC machine tools. If you have special needs, we can also provide you with customized solutions.


Items Model Details
6-axis Loading Robot RJR/RBR Series /
CNC Machine Standard√ Automatic door renovation, electrical renovation required
Robot Gripper Customized Design according to the workpiece
Robot Base Customized /
Material Racks Customized Storing materials and locating materials
Security Fence Standard√ /
Electrical Accessories Standard√ Connect the devices
Pneumatic Accessories Standard√ /

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