HNC Industrial Production Robots Used in Shoemaking Industry

time 2021.08.03
address China

With the continuous improvement of the automation and intelligence of the manufacturing industry, industrial robots are developing rapidly. In the field of processing and manufacturing, the application of industrial robots is becoming more and more mature. Today, we will share with you a successful application case of HuazhongCNC industrial production robots in the field of shoe production.

Introduction About Our Customer

Huayang International Group is a diversified and internationalized multinational group with various wholly-owned subsidiaries in Jinjiang, Xiamen, Beijing, Hong Kong, Vietnam, the United States, etc. Its industry involves R&D and production of footwear, shoe material manufacturing, OEM production, independent brand, intelligent manufacturing, import and export trade. Fujian Huabao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-end manufacturing company under the Huayang Group, with outstanding advantages in the entire industry chain of shoemaking.


Cooperation Between Huabao and HuazhongCNC

In response to the shortage of labor and high labor costs in the shoe industry, Huabao Technology has worked closely with Quanzhou Huazhong University of Science and Technology Intelligent Manufacturing Research Institute and Huazhong CNC Robot Subsidiary to build a “vulcanized shoe flexible molding automatic production line”. The entire shoe production line uses 77 Various types of HNC industrial production robots. At the same time, major technological breakthroughs have been made in key intelligent manufacturing technologies, core components and cloud services, and have successfully developed independent products of intelligent equipment, robots, and industrial software.

In the production workshop of Huabao Intelligent, a pair of white shoes is placed upside down in the visual inspection equipment of the automatic shoe-making production line. The computer on the side is performing real-time laser scanning. After ten seconds, the contour and posture data of the white shoes are displayed and read; On the other side, the automatic glue spraying robot evenly sprays glue on the shoe sole in a semi-sealed environment, and then the worker attaches the shoe sole to the upper, and then the robot hand puts the attached shoe into the compression molding machine for pressure setting, and then takes it out…


At present, the “automatic production line for flexible molding of vulcanized shoes” is officially launched, and the product yield rate has also increased from 97% to 99.5%. Compared with the traditional production line, the newly developed automatic production line for vulcanized shoes can produce 1,500 pairs of shoes in one shift, with only 12 people on duty, and one vulcanized shoe can be produced in an average of 12 seconds. Previously, 65 workers were needed to achieve the same output. By investing in such an intelligent production line, the shoe factory can recover the cost in just 15 months.

Key Technologies of the Robotic Production Lines

As the first information management system in the domestic shoe industry, it mainly adopts HNC robots, machine vision, sensors, RFID, industrial Ethernet, PLC and other control technologies, and introduces digital and intelligent flexible production lines to realize the collection and mapping of production process data as well as process parameter analysis. This system interconnects the data in the shoemaking process, and completes the intelligent control of the entire process from order acceptance to product delivery and after-sales service. It mainly realizes the following four functions:

1. Intelligent monitoring of production process

2. Comprehensive management of production and operation

3. Remote fault diagnosis of production line

4. Virtual manufacturing of robotic shoe production line


What Did Our Customer Say About the Robotic Production Lines?

Mr. Huang, the chairman of Huabao Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., said in an interview:

“Comparing the benefits of the smart production line with the traditional line, the product qualification rate, product repair rate, and appearance qualification rate, especially the average pull of the upper, the pull of the sole, and the resistance to tortuosity, have been greatly improved. That is to say, our intelligent shoe production line not only uses less labor, saves materials and consumables, but also improves the qualification rate and improves the overall annual benefit of more than 3 million yuan in economic benefits.”

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