Robotic Palletizing System Used in Cement Production Lines

time 2022.05.07
address China

HuazhongCNC provides six-axis and four-axis palletizing robots, which are widely used in the production lines of various products such as cement, mineral water, salt, beverages, food, chemicals, home appliances, steel, grain, etc. for handling or palletizing the raw material and finished products. Industrial robots can replace manual work to realize the robotic palletizing of items in various shapes such as bags, boxes, round cans and etc., greatly reducing the physical labor of workers.

In this video, the RBR series 6-axis palletizing robot is picking up finished cement cartons from the production line, and then handling and palletizing then in an orderly manner. The whole process is flexible, smooth and efficient.

If you are looking for a suitable robotic palletizing system for your factory, we can provide you with one-stop service as we have a strong industrial robot R&D, production and technical support team.