Robotic Palletizer Used for Palletizing the Glass Panel in Electronics Industry

time 2022.05.07
address China

In the glass manufacturing industry, robotic palletizers are used in the front, middle and end production lines. The handling and palletizing of large-sized yet thin glass has relatively high requirements to the stability of the robotic palletizers.

Equipped with suitable fixtures and adopting advanced robot technologies such as robot vision, dynamic tracking and etc., the HuazhongCNC palletizing robot can grasp the glass stably, transport the glass plate in a relatively static state and then stack it neatly to the designated position, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the glass factory.

In this video, our robotic palletizer is palletizing the glass panels of electronic products with smooth movements and precise movement trajectories. Since glass is a fragile product, our palletizing robot adopts a flexible suction cup structure which effectively solves the palletizing problem of fragile thin glass plates. If you want to know more about the robotic palletizer such as the technology, structure, price and etc., please feel free to contact us, and our processional engineers will provide you with the best answer and robotic palletizing solution.