What requirements does the new energy automobile industry have for CNC systems and machine tools?

What is the global automotive industry market like?

Today, green sustainability has become an important issue for the development of the earth. The energy revolution and the digital revolution are overlapping to push the global automobile industry into the new energy era. The story of new energy vehicles will inevitably bring great challenges to the local market shrinkage of machine tools for traditional fuel vehicles. Still, the new configuration of new energy vehicles – batteries and drive motors, also puts forward new requirements for manufacturing processes and equipment. Create new market demands. In the field of new energy vehicles, in the domestic auto parts manufacturing industry, there is a massive market for the manufacture of key parts such as engines, all-electric gearboxes, high-pressure oil pump drive units, hub units, steering knuckles, axles, bearings, and automobile chassis.

 new energy vehicles

What casting process is used in the new energy vehicle industry?

Die-casting is one of the commonly used casting methods for automobiles, and most of the die-casting materials are aluminum and magnesium. The principle is to hydraulically inject the metal into the mold with a press. The advantage is that metal parts with complex shapes and thin walls can be produced.

casting process is used in the new energy vehicle industry

Integrated die-casting is currently mainly divided into body-integrated die-casting and battery-integrated die-casting. The overall size of integrated die-casting products is relatively large, and the first choice for equipment requirements is large-scale travel, followed by production efficiency; the processing technology is mainly drilling, tapping, etc., The processing accuracy is mainly based on silk grade.

Integrated die-casting brings increased demand for large-scale CNC; increased demand for four-axis and five-axis; increased demand for heavy-duty industrial robots, etc.

What requirements do CNC systems have in the new energy automobile industry?

Based on the demand for battery life of new energy vehicles and the requirements for light weight and rigidity of parts, high-end machine tools are required to provide solutions for parts manufacturing. The transformation and upgrading of the domestic manufacturing industry and the rapid development of emerging industries have placed higher requirements on processing equipment.

For the processing of key parts of new energy vehicles, it can be concluded that the CNC system has the following requirements:

1. The stability and reliability of CNC products are the foundation;

2. Multi-axis (five-axis), multichannel technology is widely used in CNC machining;

3. High acceleration and high speed are generally required, and the demand for configuring linear motors is large.

Therefore, with the development of new energy vehicles, in the domestic auto parts manufacturing industry, the manufacturing of key parts such as engines, all-electric gearboxes, high-pressure oil pump drive units, hub units, steering knuckles, axles, bearings, and automobile chassis will be ushering in a huge market space, the demand for CNC machine tools and CNC systems will also grow exponentially.CNC machine tools must meet high precision, high efficiency, high-reliability requirements.

Machine center for new energy vehicles system

Why choose Huazhong CNC?

At present, Huazhong CNC has formed the R & D, engineering, and industrialization capabilities of high-end CNC system technology, established a modern CNC system industrialization base, and formed an annual output of 30,000 high-performance CNC devices and 150,000 AC servo drives and servo motors. Production capacity.

(1) Huazhong CNC has made a major breakthrough in the core technology of high-end CNC systems.

Huazhong CNC, benchmarking advanced high-end CNC systems, has overcome a number of key technologies such as CNC system architecture, field bus, high-speed high-precision, and five-axis linkage, and successfully developed Huazhong 8 high-end CNC systems with independent intellectual property rights. Function, performance, and reliability have reached the international advanced level.

2) Huazhong’s high-end CNC system has been applied in batches in national key fields.

The Huazhong 8 high-end CNC system has realized the test verification and supporting application on high-end CNC machine tools such as high-speed and high-precision vertical/horizontal machining centers, five-axis linkage machine tools, turning-milling/milling-turning machine tools, and high-precision CNC grinding machines, and has fully entered the aviation industry. The main battlefield in aerospace, automobile manufacturing, energy equipment, shipbuilding, machine tools, molds, 3C, and other fields. Over the years, nearly 150,000 sets have been sold and applied, and it is the most widely used domestic high-end CNC system in key manufacturing fields in my country.

huazhongcnc system

The four core technologies of Huazhong CNC to meet the needs of the new energy vehicle industry

Huazhong CNC has successfully developed the Huazhong 8 high-performance CNC system with independent intellectual property rights, which has overcome key core technologies such as high-speed and high-precision, multi-axis linkage, and multichannel control.

Core Technology 1 Five-axis RTCP

Five-axis linkage is representative of high-end CNC technology. It can process mechanical parts with complex curved surfaces and has unique advantages in solving impellers, blades, marine propellers, and large diesel engine crankshafts. Huazhong CNC broke the blockade of foreign brands on five-axis linkage technology, and with the support of major special projects, successfully applied five-axis linkage technology in various key fields and accumulated rich experience. It can play an important role in the processing of complex parts such as sub-frames and shock towers of new energy vehicles.

front and back subframe

Core Technology 2 Multi-axis and multichannel technology

Each channel independently controls the processing process, realizes multiprocess and multi-product processing on one machine, meets complex processing technology and process control requirements, solves the problem of multi-axis collaborative control of compound processing machine tools and flexible production lines, improves processing efficiency, and improves automation. Reduce the cost of use. Multi-axis and multichannel technology are mainly used in the processing of parts such as wheels of new energy vehicles.

Core technology 3 High-speed and high-precision technology

In the battery system of new energy vehicles, in the processing of thin-walled parts such as end plates, separators, assemblies, motor casings, electric control casings, and end covers, the processing technology is mainly drilling, tapping, etc. The demand for high-speed, high-precision technology is significant.

1) Adaptive feed – improve the processing efficiency on the basis of ensuring tool life

2) Curved surface – improve the smoothness of speed and acceleration, and obtain better processing surface quality

3) Speed ​​feed-forward – the machining accuracy of high-speed and small-diameter arcs is significantly improved

4) High synchronous rigid tapping – to achieve higher speed and quality thread drilling

5) Empty stroke superposition technology – Shortens the positioning path, reduces the speed reduction of the program segment, and improves processing efficiency.

Core Technology 4 Solutions Adapted to Linear Motors

The application of a linear motor and its drive control technology in the feed drive of machine tools has brought about major changes in the transmission structure of machine tools and made a new leap in the performance of machine tools. Due to the overall trend of lightweight, high strength, and aesthetics of new energy vehicles, the demand for linear motor machine tools will further expand in the future.

Huazhong CNC also has corresponding solutions for the adaptation of linear motor machine tools. In terms of hardware, numerical control technology, and key functional components, develop linear motor products (including corresponding drive systems). In terms of software, software technology that matches linear motor drive control should be developed in numerical control technology, such as servo control and its adjustment under high-speed and high-acceleration conditions, high-speed, high-precision interpolation technology, and forward-looking control capabilities for complex machining programs, machine tool dynamic characteristic parameter optimization model, fault diagnosis and guarantee function, etc. At the same time, correspondingly develop high-speed guide rails, high-speed protection, and high-speed position detection devices that match high-speed and high-acceleration movements.

By selecting Huazhong CNC HSV-180UD, HSV-150E, or other third-party bus drivers, it can support various types of linear motors, high-precision grating scales, linear guideways, and marble or mineral casting beds to meet the needs of high-speed and high-precision mold machines.

Solutions Adapted to Linear Motors

Application of CNC systems in new energy automobile industry

At present, the processing of new energy vehicle parts (sub-frame, pallet, etc.) has high requirements for high speed, multi-axis and multichannel, etc. Huazhong CNC system meets the processing needs of new energy vehicle parts and is aimed at the processing of new energy vehicle parts. The solution has been applied in many user companies and has accumulated rich application cases and experience.

Battery tray processing of new energy vehicle

Castel Aluminum Precision Casting Technology Co., Ltd. At present, there are 40,000 square meters of production plants and 350 employees, with an annual production capacity of 300,000 sets of cast aluminum alloy battery trays and 300,000 sets of aluminum alloy sub-frames.

A major breakthrough has been obtained from large-scale low-pressure casting equipment and casting technology, which makes the battery tray welded from multiple parts into one-piece casting molding. The product plane size can reach 2400 mm·1800 mm, and the local wall thickness is 3.5 mm. Less process, fewer parts, lightweight, good quality, the introduction of new materials, outstanding mechanical properties.

一,	New energy vehicle battery tray processing

Processing of new energy vehicle sub-frame

Huazhong CNC system is applied in batches Castel Aluminum Company, mainly produces sub-frames for Dongfeng electric vehicles.

Aluminum sub-frames

Efficient Application of wheel hubs

The Company is in Jiangxi province. It is an enterprise with a total investment of 2.28 billion yuan and an annual output of 20 million ultra-lightweight aluminum alloy wheels. The company’s lightweight aluminum alloy wheel project will build 4 lightweight aluminum alloy automotive wheel production lines and 3 mold supporting workshops.

wheel hubs application

There are more than dozens of machining centers equipped with the Huazhong 8 system in the Senet workshop, and the main users are the spoke and rim processing of aluminum alloy automobile wheels.

wheel hubs

Configure the linear motor CNC system

A machine tool factory in huizhou Guangzhou

The proprietary CNC system developed through in-depth secondary development meets the motion control and intelligent algorithms of linear motors, bringing high-order smooth and forward-looking acceleration and deceleration control. The products are widely used in the field of new energy vehicle wheel hub processing.

Company in huizhou

Huazhong 8 CNC system uses key technologies such as multi-axis and multichannel control, and high-speed and high-precision control, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and processing accuracy. The processing efficiency of one device is equivalent to the processing of 3 to 4 drilling and tapping centers on the market.

A machine tool factory in Shenzhen Guangzhou

Wuhan Huazhong CNC Co., Ltd. cooperated with a Shenzhen machine tool factory to develop a full direct-drive five-axis CNC machining center, which has been sold in batches and is widely used in the field of automotive mold processing.

Company in shenzhen