HuazhongCNC Lithium Battery Module and PACK Manufacturing

HuazhongCNC established “Huashu Jinming Suzhou R&D Center”, a high-tech enterprise focusing on industrial robot research, development, and system integration manufacturing. It has world-class R&D, design, and manufacturing capabilities in the fields of new energy vehicle power battery equipment, industrial robots, fully automatic packaging equipment, large logistics systems, and intelligent software. The Assembly Division, Packaging Logistics Division, Software Division, R&D, and Competence Center have been established. The R & D center has independently developed a six-axis serial joint robot series, a 3/4-axis parallel robot series, a vision system, MES control management system, etc. Now, it has 55 national patents and 19 software copyrights. It is committed to providing global customers with overall solutions for intelligent manufacturing.

Huashu Jinming Suzhou R&D Center

Main products

01 Power battery module intelligent production line exported to Europe and America

With its advantages in product technology and R&D strength, Huashu Jinming has continuously expanded its overseas market territory and successfully entered the supply chain of the European and American power battery markets. The export products cover mainstream battery product lines such as cylinder, square shell, and soft pack. At present, the cylinder battery module line has been exported to the United States, the PACK production line equipment has been exported to Germany, and the square battery module automatic assembly production line has been exported to Romania. All projects have been successfully delivered and put into use.

Huashu Jinming adheres to the internationalization strategy, and it has established branches in Hungary, the United States, Germany, and other places to respond to customer needs in the European and American markets, and provide comprehensive after-sales service support.

Project Benefits

1. A modular and flexible design is adopted, which is easy to install and upgrade and complies with local safety standards.

2. Comply with international safety system certifications such as North American CSA/UL and EU CE certification.

3. Build an overseas after-sales service system, and set up after-sales service points in the Czech Republic, the United States, and Germany.

02 Square shell battery module & PACK assembly line

The automatic assembly line of square battery modules mainly includes cell loading, battery processing and testing, cell stacking, side seam welding, bus bar laser welding, and module testing; it can realize flexible and information-based manufacturing based on intelligent robots.

The information collection module is used throughout the whole process to monitor the entire production line, and the central control system controls the whole production process; the production process uses robot technology to replace manual production, and a very small number of stations are set for manual intervention, with a high degree of automation.

Key technology

Cell stacking: The robot grabs the cells and puts them in the stacking tool, and the stacking tool pressurizes the stacked cells. The stacked module will generate a barcode, and the module barcode will automatically bind the barcode and information of the battery and upload it to the MES system.

Side seam welding: including welding room, welding tooling, welding robot, laser, and vibrating head; using high-power imported laser and vibrating head, the shape of the required weld can be flexibly defined, and the quality of weld seam can be maximally guaranteed when mass-producing workpieces; After laser welding, the barcode of each module, welding position, laser parameter time, and supplier information will batch upload to MES system storage and data traceability.

Bus bar laser welding: The welding adopts a double-station mode to achieve uninterrupted welding operations and improve efficiency; the robot drives the vibrating lens to completely weld the bus bar to the positive and negative terminals of the battery cell, and upload the data to the MES system; it can real-time monitor the actual welding power, actual welding speed, actual defocus amount, gas shielding flow, etc., save them locally, then the equipment automatically generates and saves this information and uploads them to the MES system.

Process flow

Process flow of  Square shell battery module & PACK assembly line

03 Pouch cell module & PACK assembly line

Pouch cell module & PACK assembly line

Pouch cell automation assembly line, including cell processing (feeding, testing, tab cutting/bending/inspection/cleaning, gluing, foaming, etc.), cell stacking (cell assembly, cell caching, polarity test, etc.), lug welding (bus bar installation, tab welding, FPC installation, FPC welding, post-welding inspection, etc.), module assembly (module glue coating, end side plate installation welding, upper and lower cover installation welding, welding Post-testing, etc.), module testing and off-line (EOL testing, capacity testing, size inspection, module static, module off-line, etc.) and other production processes, mainly including testing, gluing, welding and other processes.

Technical features

1. Capacity: The battery processing capacity of a single production line is 10~30PPM, and a suitable solution can be customized according to need.

2. High automation rate: Standard robots are widely used in the production line, which can be integrated with AGV for automatic loading and unloading.

3. High-reliability design: the robot is used to realize the core functions, and the double-station servo slide design is adopted between each station, which has the characteristics of high precision and easy model change. Combined with the cache station, it can absorb the product fluctuations of the whole line to increase production flexibility. The welding station adopts imported equipment to ensure the welding quality.

4. Flexible design of the production line: In case of abnormalities in the previous/next process, the product can be manually put in/out from the transplanting platform, and the debugging cycle can be greatly shortened. When the product process changes, some workstations can be replaced to realize process switching.

5. Stability design: Numerous six-axis standard industrial robots are used to improve the automation level and stability, such as battery sorting, shelling, etc.

6. MES system: The MES data management system runs through the entire factory production process, leading the management and control of all levels of the entire production process, and it traces the fine control of production process parameters, quality status, and material status.

04 4680 large cylindrical battery module line

4680 large cylindrical battery module line

4680 cylindrical cell module line, including cell code scanning, OCV test, plasma cleaning, cell block stacking, block-stacking, module gluing, module air tightness test, CCS welding, FPC welding, module electrical performance test, and so on.

Technical features

Capacity: The cell processing capacity of a single production line is 100PPM.

Flexible design of production line: The production line is compatible with the processing of 4680-46120 system batteries, and the number of single block batteries is compatible with 600-1400 mm, only by switching the program.

High stability design: The battery cells and water-cooled tubes are controlled by motion control logic, which improves the utilization rate of a single device and improves the production schedule of the production line.

Save equipment space: The cell processing area adopts the filling line method, which reduces the number of equipment, simplifies the action processing process, and saves the space occupied by the equipment.

MES system: The MES data management system runs through the entire production process of the factory, leading the management and control of all levels of the entire production process, and traces the fine control of production process parameters, quality status, and material status.

05 Lithium battery module logistics delivery system

Lithium battery module logistics delivery system

The system adopts advanced automatic equipment, communication technology, and detection technology. It uses a computer management system to collect and track information data and integrates related equipment such as a conveying system, sorting system and continuous lifting system. Air logistics transportation is erected at high altitudes as a whole, which has the characteristics of a logistics channel that does not occupy the ground and is compatible with air transportation of various specification products.

System advantages

Considering the dangerous characteristics of lithium batteries, it must implement safety control at multiple levels (mechanical structure, electrical control), and implement multiple safety measures at key control points. For example, guards and bottom plates are installed on the entire conveying line to prevent falling, the mechanical linkage is used to block the connection between the hoist and conveying, and the safety electrical components adopt a double-circuit closed-loop design, etc., ensures the safe operation of the entire system.