Huashu Robot Automobile Lighting Industry Solutions

time 2023.02.27
address China

Industrial background

The automobile production industry is a technology-intensive and labor-intensive industry. Automobile manufacturing and production have strict requirements for precision and quality. The standard mode is an assembly line operation mode, which has a faster production rhythm and higher standards for the upper and lower processes. As an essential part of the automobile production industry, the production of automobile lamps has particularly strict requirements for process production.

Using its own power and flexible and automatic control force, the robot can effectively overcome the influence of adverse factors, such as narrow space and harsh environments. It can complete various processes in automobile production, thereby effectively improving the quality and level of automobile products.

Process 1: Automobile lamp industry—loading and unloading

Challenges faced:

1. Limited by the layout of the original production line and the limited space for robot deployment;

2. Accurately complete the transfer, loading, and unloading;

3. Under the condition of no communication, realize the seamless connection with the back-end equipment.

Solution: Perfectly connect the front-end and back-end equipment through JR618.

1. By adding a photoelectric sensor, it can communicate with the robot in real-time to achieve precise transfer;

2. Precisely control the production tempo of on-site equipment to realize the effective connection and utilization of existing equipment;

3. Through the optimization of the JR618 space walking trajectory, efficient grasping is realized.

Benefits reflected:

1. Free people from the assembly line, reduce labor costs, and improve the automation of the production line;

2. Realize 7·24 hours of operation, which improves the utilization rate of upstream and downstream equipment.

Automobile lamp industry—JR618 Robot loading and unloading

Process 2: Automotive lamp industry—screw lock

Challenges faced:

1. Accurate screw torque and high repeat positioning accuracy are required;

2. Information monitoring, real-time grasp of the production cycle;

3. The customer needs the position of the locking screw to be in a different plane.

Solution: The industrial collaborative robot vision screw-driving workstation is adopted.

1. The terminal locking screw device adopts a controllable torque screw gun, with exquisite structure and high precision of torque control;

2. Select the “eye in hand” vision system and fix the vision sensor on the robot arm to ensure high repeat positioning accuracy of multi-angle vision detection;

3. Through the terminal collection, it is collected into a digital kanban to grasp production information in real time.

Benefits reflected:

1. Effectively solve the problems such as screw skew and slippage that are easy to occur when the screw is driven by pure manual operation, and reduce the defective rate;

2. In addition to being able to perform locking work like other robots, the high safety of Huashu collaborative robots ensures that machines and humans can interact at close range without installing safety fences and reducing the robot’s footprint;

3. Realize high-precision multi-angle screw locking to meet the needs of customers for intelligent locking technology.

Automotive lamp industry—screw lock-Huashu collaborative robots

Process 3: Automotive lamp industry—bolt detection

Challenges faced:

The traditional detection method requires human eyes to detect whether the rubber plug of the engine case is installed and whether it is installed in place, which is prone to missed inspections.


Cooperate with the detection sensor equipment to detect the car shell.

Benefits reflected:

1. Replace manual inspection, improve inspection efficiency, ensure inspection quality, and liberate workers from repetitive work;

2. Good scalability, which is convenient for enterprises to quickly realize secondary deployment according to production conditions;

3. Strong compatibility, support vision, measuring instruments, and other equipment, realize non-destructive testing, and fully automatic high-precision measurement of multi-variety products and small batches of workpieces.

Process 4: Automotive lamp industry—ultrasonic welding

Challenges faced: 

High requirements to beat

Solution: Use BR625 to realize dual-machine cooperation and increase production capacity.

Through the safety interference in the dual-machine area, the two BR625 robots are coordinated with each other, and the left and right point welding of the product is completed synchronously to meet the customer’s rapid production cycle requirements.

Benefits reflected:

1. Solve the problem of shortage of skilled workers in various factories at this stage, and provide new production solutions for the welding manufacturing industry;

2. Improve product consistency, ensure product quality, and improve end customers’ recognition of the factory.

Automotive lamp industry - ultrasonic welding- BR625 robot

Process 5: Automobile lamp industry—Anti-fog process to follow

Challenges faced:

1. The customer’s product compatibility is high, and the accuracy error of the incoming material is large;

2. One station can handle multiple product specifications;

3. The frequency of product replacement is relatively fast (mostly replaced once in 1-2 days);

4. The handling cycle has high requirements, and there are regulations on the speed and stability of the robot.

Solution: Use BR625 flexible production to quickly replace product deployment.

1. Two sensors are used to deal with multiple products of different specifications at one time, and they are followed separately;

2. The encoder adopts a specific pulse per revolution and a twisted-pair shielded cable to solve the problem of the following stability;

3. It has scalability and reusability, and can flexibly and quickly adjust the production line process.

Benefits reflected:

1. Achieved compatibility with different product specifications;

2. BR625 has a high ease of use, which allows customers to easily perform subsequent product replacement and deployment.

Automobile lamp industry - anti-fog process to follow- BR625 Robot

Process 6: Automobile lamp industry—the next part of the Anti-fog process

Challenges faced:

1. It needs to be compatible with the loading and unloading of various parts, and the product switching time is required to be short;

2. Automated factories have high requirements for the openness of robots;

3. Employees have limited robot programming skills and experience.

Solution: Use BR625 to reduce labor costs.

1. Design special fixtures to meet customer product characteristics and be compatible with various products;

2. The simple and fast programming method of BR625 is suitable for the operation ability of basic workers on the front line.

Benefits reflected:

1. Corresponding to a variety of products, greatly improving the operation accuracy and the loading and unloading cycle;

2. The teaching of the robot is convenient, and the on-site workers can easily complete the loading and unloading programming.

Automobile lamp industry - the next part of anti-fog process- BR625 Robot

Process 7: Automotive lamp industry—hardening process transfer parts

Challenges faced:

1. The robot must not touch the surface covered by the hardened paint on the lampshade, and it is difficult to grab the product;

2. The positioning accuracy of the next piece of material is required to be high;

3. Compatible with various products, and the program should not be too complicated.

Solution: Use BR625 to reduce labor costs.

1. Design special fixtures to meet customer product characteristics and be compatible with various products;

2. Installed in the existing manual operation position, perfectly connecting the front and rear equipment.

Benefits reflected:

1. Reduce material transfer links, optimize handling time and process configuration;

2. Instead of manual work, it can realize efficient grabbing of products and improve the level of automation.

Automotive lamp industry - hardening process transfer parts-BR625 Robot

Huashu robot has strong practicability and can improve production efficiency in various processes of the automotive lamp industry, reduce production costs of enterprises, and help enterprises develop.