Product Review: HSR-HC403 4-axis manipulator of high protection level

A four-axis manipulator refers to a robot arm that has four degrees of freedom, allowing it to move and manipulate objects in a variety of directions. A high protection level for a robot arm means that the robot has been designed and built to withstand harsh environments and protect itself and its surroundings from potential hazards.

Body weight 27 kg. Arm length 585 mm. Repeat accuracy reaches ±0.02 mm. Load 3KG. High protection level. High reliability. High precision. Diversity of installation. Work with any vision system. The entire machine adopts high protection design. IP67 protection rating. Prevent the external impurities from entering inside the manipulator, achieving normal use in severe working conditions such as any kind of oil, acid, or alkaline cutting fluid normal use in other harsh conditions, to ensure long-term, high-precision, and stable operation. Structural optimization and miniaturized design of the arm end reduce the space occupied by the manipulator in the working area, satisfying the needs of any working condition in the 3C industry. Meanwhile, a variety of installation methods are configured, and the equipment is combined to perform the manipulator installation function of space structure customized-design to improve the flexibility of automation design. The customized design of the manipulator is installed inside the equipment, making the manipulator the actuator of the equipment, to assist in completing the processing task. At the same time, because the drive and control modules used in the manipulator are independently developed, the manipulator can be customized at will, truly realizing the integration of processing machines and manipulators.