Electronics Assembly Robot – RSR6600 Scara Robot Used for Food Chopper Assembly

time 2022.05.09
address China

SCARA robot is the selective compliance assembly robot arm, which is a cylindrical coordinate type industrial robot. It relies on two rotating joints to achieve rapid positioning in the X-Y plane, and relies on a moving joint and a rotating joint to perform telescopic and rotational movements in the Z direction. This structural characteristic makes SCARA robots good at grabbing objects from one point and then placing them at another point quickly, so SCARA robots have been widely used in automatic assembly lines.

In this video, our scara robot RSR6600 is performing the automatic screw-fastening of the food chopper bottom cover on the production line. After integrating the execution tool at the end, the RSR6600 scara robot assembles the four screws on the bottom cover of the food chopper one by one with agile moments, fast assembling speed and high positioning accuracy.

With the rapid development of various industries and the intensification of market competition, a large number of suitable assembly robots, handling robots, etc. are urgently needed in the production process to improve production efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs. If you are seeking for industrial robots for your smart manufacturing factory, please contact us and we will provide you the best solution.