HNC8 Series CNC Machine Controller Applied on Machine Tools and Glass Machine

time 2022.04.20
address China

J-TECH CNC Technology Co.,Ltd. has cooperated with Wuhan Huazhong Numerical Control Co., Ltd. for many years. Since 2014, the HNC8 series CNC machine controller system of HuazhongCNC has been used in batches. It is mainly used in machine tools such as VL850 high-speed machining center, TL510 high-speed drilling and tapping center and GL8 five-axis machining center. Up to now, nearly 1,000 units of Huazhong 8 system have been used in batches.

batch application of HNC cnc controller
bacth application of huazhongcnc controller
hnc-8 series CNC controller used on drilling and tapping center
Drilling and tapping center workshop equipped with HuazhongCNC HNC8 CNC system in batches
glass machine equipped with HNC-8 cnc controller
J-TECH glass machine equipped with HuazhongCNC 8 series CNC system