Huashu Robot Won Two Capek Awards on the 7th Capek Award Ceremony

On September 14, the 11th China International Robot Summit Forum and the 7th Capek Award Ceremony were held in Wuhu, Anhui Province, China. As a leading brand in the research and development, manufacturing and application of industrial production robots, Huashu Robot (HuazhongCNC’s industrial robot subsidiary) won two Capek Awards “Innovative Brand of 2020” and “Innovative Project of 2020” for its strong technological innovation capabilities, practical innovative application solutions and good development prospects.


The Capek Prize, named after the Czech science fiction writer and creator of the word robot Karel Capek (Karel Capek), was founded in 2014. It aims to reward organizations and individuals who have made contributions in the robotics field and is regarded as one of the most influential awards in the robotics industry.


The two awards of Capek’s “Annual Innovative Brand Award” and “Annual Innovative Engineering Award” are the industry’s high affirmation of the company’s industry strength and future development potential. In the future, HuazhongCNC and Huashu Robot will not forget our original intentions, insist on independent innovation, continue to innovate technology, products and services, create more landable smart manufacturing and smart factory overall solutions, and inject stronger impetus into the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.