What Are the Top Welding Robot Manufacturers in the World?

As we know, welding is one of the occupations with poor production environment and high risk in the manufacturing industry. Moreover, welding processing has relatively high requirements for welders’ technical level that it requires welders to have proficient operating skills, rich practical experience and stable welding level. The emergence of welding robots frees people from the extremely harsh working environment, reduces the welder’s labor intensity, and can also improve the quality and efficiency of welding. Welding robots have a variety of structural forms such as Cartesian coordinate, cylindrical coordinate, spherical coordinate, multi-joint coordinate, telescopic, and crawling. In actual use, different structures can be selected according to different occasions to complete the corresponding tasks. In this post, we will share with you the top welding robot manufacturers and suppliers in the world for you to choose from.

1. FANUC – Japanese welding robot manufacturer

FANUC was founded in 1956, and it is the world’s most diverse manufacturer of automated factories, robots and smart machinery. Since its establishment, FANUC has been leading the world in the field of robotics. As reported, the global sales of Fanuc robots exceed 400, 000 units, and there are about 240 robot product series, with load capacity from 0.5kg to 1.35 tons, which are widely used in different production processes such as assembly, handling, welding, casting, spraying, palletizing and etc. The customers of FANUC are mainly in industries like automobile manufacturing, food and beverage, computers, consumer electronics and etc.

2. KUKA – Germany welding robotic arm manufacturer

KUKA is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial robots such as welding robots. KUKA robots are praised in the industry as “a pioneer in technological innovation”. KUKA industrial robots have a very early growth history. In 1973, KUKA created the world’s first six-axis electromechanical drive industrial robot FAMULUS; In 1976, KUKA invented IR6/60 which is a new type of robot with six-axis electromechanical drive with angle hand; In 2007, KUKA Titan became the most powerful 6-axis industrial robot at the time and was included in the Guinness Book of Records; In 2014, KUKA launched an ultra-cold-resistant robot suitable for the food industry. It can be seen from the development history that KUKA has created many miracles in industrial robots. Innovative KUKA’s customers are mainly distributed in the automotive industry, and are also growing in other fields, and their applications are becoming more and more extensive.


3. ABB – Switzerland welding robot manufacturer

ABB Group is headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It is a focusing on the research and development of electric power, automation manufacturing and robotics technology. ABB Robotics has decades of experience in the field of robot R & D, manufacturing and technical support, and has installed about 300, 000 robots worldwide. ABB invented the world’s first industrial robot in 1974, and has the most diverse and comprehensive robot products, technologies and services.

4. YASKAWA – Japanese welding robot supplier

Yaskawa Electric Corporation, founded in 1915 and headquartered in Japan, is a Japanese manufacturer of servo systems, motion controllers, servo motors, AC motor drives, switches and industrial robots. Since the company developed the first all-electric industrial robot named “Motoman” in 1988, Motoman robots have been widely used all over the world. Yaskawa produces about 20,000 robots every year, and more than 300,000 industrial robots have been widely used worldwide. Yaskawa has many different types of industrial robots, including robots for welding, handling, assembling, spraying and etc. Its products are consistently active in Japan and the world. Yaskawa welding robots are mainly used in industrial processes such as arc welding and spot welding.

5. Kawasaki – Japanese robotic welder manufacturing enterprise

Kawasaki Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. is a prestigious Japanese robot industry pioneer. Its production areas involve motorcycles, ships, tractors, engines, aerospace equipment, industrial robots and many other manufacturing industries. Kawasaki has more than 45 years of history in robotics research and development, and has installed more than 120,000 robots worldwide. Kawasaki robots are mostly used in many industrial processes such as assembly, processing, welding, painting, and sealing. The industrial robots designed and manufactured by the company have superior performance, which can not only improve production efficiency and ensure stable quality, but also greatly save automation costs and labor.

6. HuazhongCNC – Chinese welding robotic arm manufacturer

HuazhongCNC was founded in 1994 and has 9 robotic branches in China. It has a large number of technical staffs with an annual production capacity of 10, 000 sets of industrial robots. Its robot series include welding robot, handling robot, loading and unloading robot, assembly robot, polishing robot, grinding robot, painting robot and etc. HuazhongCNC welding robots have independent offline programming software to adapt to complex application fields, provide professional process packages for different welding processes, and provide customers with customized welding solutions for subdivided fields. Its welding robots are mostly used for spot welding, arc welding, laser welding, etc.


7. CLOOS – Germany robotic welder manufacturer

Carl Cloos Schweisstechnik GmbH, located in Haiger, Germany, has more than 100 years of history and successful experience in welding and cutting technology. The family company was founded in 1919 and is a world leader in arc tracking in welding and robotics. The family company focuses on manufacturing, and its products include gas shielded welding machines, welding torches, automatic machinery for specific purposes and complete ROMAT robotic systems. As the world’s top brand of arc welding robot systems, Germany CLOOS is currently the only welding robot manufacturer in the world that the whose design, R&D, manufacturing, service and process technology are all provided by one manufacturer.

8. OTC – Japanese robotic welder supplier

Founded in 1919 in Osaka, Japan, OTC is the largest professional manufacturer of welding machines and welding robots in Japan. The OTC welding machine was selected as the exclusive model for the Japanese Welder Technical Proficiency Certification Examination (JIS). OTC welding robots are the most common type of industrial robots. They are often used in the large-scale manufacturing of automobile manufacturing machinery assembly lines, and the welding of automobile bodies and other parts that use welding processes.

9. Hyundai – Korean welding robot manufacturer

Hyundai Heavy Industries has independently researched and developed world-leading industrial robots in 1984, and has obtained a number of core patents in automation systems through continuous technological development. The newly-developed robot has a further increase in the range of motion, and the motion is more flexible and faster. Hyundai provides a wide range of robots for arc welding, spot welding, handling, sealing, palletizing, stamping automation, polishing, automatic material loading and unloading, etc.

10. COMAU – Italy welding robot manufacturer

COMAU is an Italian supplier which provides a wide range of welding robots. COMAU’s business scope mainly includes: body welding, powertrain, engineering design, robotics and maintenance services. It provides industrial automation systems and comprehensive maintenance services for many industries, from product development to the realization of industrial process automation systems. COMAU robots are mostly used in spot welding, arc welding, press shop automation, casting, handling, palletizing, sealing, bonding, plastics and remote laser welding industries.