Characteristics and Application Fields of Scara Robot

Current Status of Scara Robot

From a distance, a row of “little men” on the production line are moving materials in an orderly manner. These “little men” are Scara robots. Among the army of industrial robots that are “big in size”, the Scara robot is a special existence.

Scara robots are “small but ambitious”, They can be widely used in the production of sorting, inspection, loading and unloading and other processes. It can improve production efficiency, reduce manual intervention, and ensure the consistency and accuracy of operations. In addition, maintenance costs are usually low due to their relatively simple structure.

Although the Scara robot has mature application scenarios in automated production, due to its small size, it is still questioned that it can only work under small load conditions.

The Birth of Large Load Scara Robot

With the development of production, large load robots are more and more favored by manufacturers. HSR Robotics SR20 series, relying on HuazhongCNC’s many years of accumulation of servo control technology, using self-developed control technology, clever use servo motors, It can carry a maximum load of 20Kg under high torque conditions.

The SR20 series breaks the curse of small loads of Scara robots and became a “strongman” in the Scara robot industry!​

In addition to the breakthrough in load capacity, what other advantages does this “small” robot have?

High Speed and High Rigidity

Excellent acceleration/deceleration speeds, matched with smooth start/stop times. The entire system adopts RV gearboxes to ensure joint rigidity and high efficiency, while adjusting the inertia ratio to improve the dynamic responsiveness of the robot, and a larger allowable moment of inertia for high-speed handling of loads with greater eccentricity.

Easy to Use

SR20 series robots provide two arm lengths of 800mm and 1000mm for customers to choose on the basis of fully guaranteeing smooth and efficient operation. Abundant user connectors, user signal line connectors and vision mesh line connectors are integrated inside the body alignment to ensure the convenience of user fixture and vision installation. Two φ6 and two φ8 air hose connectors are available to meet the user’s needs; The hollow design of 3-axis silk rod, the user’s air tube can go straight to the bottom, and the installation of suction cups can realize the pickup; easy to drag and drop to push the robot for teaching, and the positioning record is more accurate and convenient.

Application Scenarios of SR20

The most common application of the SR20 is in electronics manufacturing for high-efficiency and high-precision assembly and inspection operations. SR20 is also widely used in new energy, glass panels, PCB, medical drugs, semiconductors and other fields.

Technological innovation and market demand promote the continuous development of Scara robots. The SR20 series breaks through the current load-bearing limitations of Scara robots and brings more possibilities to automated production. Looking to the future, I believe that the SR20 series will be used in more fields and bring benefits to more manufacturing manufacturers. ​