Huazhong CNC participated in the 18th China International Machine Tool Exhibition (CIMT)

Huazhong CNC participated in the 18th China International Machine Tool Exhibition CIMT

CIMT2023 was grandly opened in Beijing from April 10th to April 15th. CIMT, together with EMO in Europe, IMTS in the USA, and JIMTO in Japan, is known as the four famous international machine tool exhibitions. With the continuous improvement of the international status and influence of the CIMT exhibition, it has become an important place for international advanced manufacturing technology exchange and trade.

At this exhibition, Huazhong CNC (booth E1-A215), centering on the concept of “better, faster, and smarter” and taking digitalization, networking, and intelligence as the main line, showed you the latest products and concepts of CNC technology and five-axis CNC systems in multiple dimensions.

Exhibition area one: Five-axis linkage high-end CNC system display area

HCNC Five-axis linkage high-end CNC system display area

Five-axis linkage is representative of high-end CNC technology. It can process mechanical parts with complex curved surfaces. It has unique advantages in solving aircraft impellers, blades, marine propellers, and large diesel engine crankshafts. Huazhong CNC has overcome a number of key technologies such as five-axis linkage and developed the HNC-848DiM high-end numerical control system by being deeply involved in the research of five-axis numerical control technology. The HNC-848DiM high-end new CNC system is tested and verified on high-end CNC machine tools such as high-speed high-precision vertical/horizontal machining centers, five-axis linkage gantry machine tools, turning-milling/milling-turning compound machine tools, and high-precision CNC grinding machines.

HCNC HNC-848DiM five-axis CNC system

HNC-848DiM five-axis CNC system

Exhibition area two: Main CNC system display area, Easy to use

HCNC main CNC system display area

Huazhong 8 V2.4 CNC system is a SMART NC system based on “high reliability, high response, high processing performance, high usability, high debugging convenience” + “Internet + intelligence”. Facing the different needs of turning, milling, grinding, 3C, linear motor, and other markets, aiming at the product direction of “useful, durable and easy to use”, it has launched five complete product line solutions to help users realize more precise, Faster and smarter.

For example, The Gantry Robot control system adopts the Huazhong 8 CNC system. The system is equipped with dual-channel control technology. One channel is used to control the operation of the machine tool, and the other is used to control the loading and unloading of the truss manipulator. The two channels are independently controlled, at the same time it also cooperates with each other.

HCNC Gantry robot cnc control system

Exhibition area three: Remote operation and maintenance network display

HCNC Remote operation and maintenance network display

The remote network system uses technologies such as the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence. It takes “big data of machine tools” as the core to establish a health guarantee system for the entire life cycle of machine tools. For the processing and manufacturing industry, it provides functions such as machine tool fault handling, routine maintenance, health protection, and predictive maintenance, and assists in establishing three-level data centers to manage “labor, process and equipment”, and promote the digital transformation and upgrading of machine tool post-service.

Remote maintenance Screen

Remote maintenance Screen