Batch Application of HNC-818Di-M CNC Controller on Precision Engraving and Milling Center

A well-known group company in China has successfully developed high-end CNC machines such as ultrasonic five-axis linkage machining center and ultrasonic precision machining center after years of technical accumulation and experience in ultrasonic machining. Their products provide professional and efficient solutions for the processing of hard and brittle materials such as ceramics, sapphire, glass, carbon fiber composites, and difficult-to-cut materials, and are widely used in consumer electronics, automobiles, medical devices and other fields.

Beginning in 2020, HuazhongCNC has cooperated with the company to equip HNC CNC systems in batches on the ultrasonic high-speed precision engraving and milling center. Up to now, nearly 4,000 sets of HNC-8 CNC systems have been installed on the UHB-400 and UHB-500 ultrasonic high-speed precision engraving and milling centers, which are mainly used for the processing of ceramic parts of smart watches and metal parts of smart phones. The main customers are internationally renowned mobile phone manufacturers. Our HNC-818Di-M CNC system has been applied to engraving and milling centers in batches, with fast processing speed and high processing accuracy. Our CNC milling system products and technical support capabilities have been recognized by customers.