Highly Protective Robots for Safe Production in Harsh Working Conditions

In 2023, extreme weather is playing out in different parts of the globe, and working environments may encounter scorching heat or heavy to torrential rain. Under extreme weather, workers in metal casting, forging, spraying, and other industries are even more high-risk work groups, and their occupational health is a concern. HuazhongCNC’s robots can effectively complete various jobs in such harsh environments.
High-protection series robots, covering small four-axis, general-purpose six-axis, industrial collaboration, dual-rotation, and other series of robots, can well meet this demand! The protection level of the whole machine reaches IP67, blocking the interaction between the robot body and the outside impurities, not afraid of high temperature, humidity, acid, and alkali corrosion, and dust, which is an excellent choice for production and intellectual manufacturing under harsh working conditions.

01 Small 4-axis high protection robot

HSR-HC403 small 4-axis high protection robot, load 3 kg, repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02 mm, working radius up to 585 mm, arm IP65, lifting axis IP54 protection level. The complete machine adopts a high protection design, which can meet normal use in high humidity, oil, acid, alkaline cutting fluid, and other harsh working conditions, and is widely used in the 3C industry for handling, loading and unloading, sorting, assembly, and other scenarios.

02 Industrial Collaborative High Protection Robot

High-protection industrial collaborative robots include HSR-CR605 and HSR-CR607, with working radius of 785 mm and 885 mm, repeatable positioning accuracy of ±0.02 mm, and the whole machine reaches IP67 high protection level. Dustproof and waterproof performance allows the robot to be freely applied in complex environments such as oil, humidity, corrosion, etc. It is mainly used in machine tools, automobiles, hardware, and other manufacturing fields.

03 Multi-purpose 6-axis high protection robot

RJR607 is a small multi-purpose 6-axis robot with a load of 7kg, a radius of up to 911mm, a repetition accuracy of ±0.02mm, and an overall protection of up to IP67. It is characterized by a compact structure, small size, light weight, high joint speed, and fast dynamic response. With the sealing design of the mechanism, it can easily cope with the water and oil environments in palletizing, assembling, loading and unloading processes.

04 Dual-rotation high protection robot

RBR616 high protection dual-rotation robot, load 16 kg, the whole machine protection level up to IP67, arm span of 1600 mm, the robot can be edited in two modes of internal and external rotation mode, to realize the flexible avoidance of narrow space. Especially suitable for casting, spraying, stamping and other high temperature, washing, dust environment and other applications that require high protection, to meet the harsh requirements of a variety of harsh conditions.
High protection robot in the state without special protection, can be used in casting, spraying, water machine tool processing and other fields, easy to deal with high temperature, dust, moisture, corrosion (including machine tool internal cutting fluid corrosion) and other harsh environments. The use of robots instead of manual labor, can effectively curb the occurrence of accidents causing injuries in dangerous jobs from the source, to protect the long-term health and safety of workers. Let more people from the high temperature, high humidity, high dust hazardous working environment freed, engaged in more valuable work.