Successful Application of Automatic Cold-Bonded Shoe Production Line

time 2022.04.26
address China

The automatic production line for cold-bonded shoes has been successfully used in China to process various styles of cold-bonded shoes. The customer’s cold-bonding intelligent workshop has built 3 cold-bonding single lines, with daily output exceeding 1, 235 pairs/day, and built 1 cold-bonding double-line, with daily output exceeding 2,526 pairs/day and pass rate up to 99.5%.

The processes that can be automatically upgraded in the cold-bonded shoe forming process include robotic intelligent gluing via spray painting robot (shoe upper gluing, sole gluing), robot automatic loading and unloading for bottom pressing machine via machine loading robot, etc. Industrial robots replace human arms, machine vision replaces human eyes, and numerical control systems replace human brains, making shoe production more flexible, automated, and standardized. The intelligent shoe-making production line reduces the number of operators, and the production management data is visualized, which greatly improves the core competitiveness of the shoe-making factory.

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