Application of HNC848D CNC Controller on Car Production Line for Smart Control

time 2022.04.20
address China

The car powertrain processing production line, jointly developed by HuazhongCNC and Shanghai Jiaotong University Zhibang Technology Co., Ltd., consists of 5units PT-50 horizontal machining centers (produced by Sichuan Ningjiang Machine Tool Co., Ltd.), and several units of joint and truss manipulators. After comparison and comprehensive consideration, our customer finally selects HuazhongCNC HNC-848D high-end CNC machine control system, and its horizontal machining centers have been equipped with HNC-848D.

hnc848d applied on car production line
Horizontal machining center equipped with HNC8 series CNC machine system

Main Technical Features of HNC8 Series CNC Controller
– High functional consistency with FANUC CNC controller
– Interconnection of multiple bus protocols of NCUC, Ethercat, AS-i, Profinet
– Customized interface design according to customer requirements
– Double-drive synchronous control with acceleration greater than 1G
– Maximum rapid traverse speed 60m/min