HNC-848Di Closed Loop 5 Axis CNC Controller

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HNC-848Di Closed Loop 5 Axis CNC Controller

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HNC-848Di Closed Loop 5 Axis CNC Controller

5 Axis CNC Controller

HNC848D is a 5 axis CNC Controller | Used for 5 axis cnc machine, heavy-duty machine, lathe mill combo | With 17" color LCD screen | Support NCUC bus protocol | 5-32 axis control | Touch screen | Closed loop control

Product Characteristic

Features of HNC848Di Closed Loop CNC Controller

1. 5-32 axis control

2. 17" color LCD touch screen

3. External PLC & IO module

4. Support NCUC, Ethercat bus protocol

5. 5 simultaneously controlled axes

6. 5 axis RTCP function

7. 5 axis auto calibration

8. Used for Five-axis machine, heavy-duty machine, lathe mill combo

9. Support dual channel control (optional)


(1) Panel

Material: Aluminum alloy panel, stylish appearance.

Size: 17-inch touch screen, supports 1280*1024 high-definition resolution

Keyboards: Crystal keys, color matching according to function

Multiple functions:MCP keyboard reserves 12 customized keys to facilitate users’ individual needs.

(2) System

CPU:On board i7-5550U CORE dual Core 2.0GHz

Graphics card: Built-in Intel HD Graphics 5500 display core

USB:8 USB,4 USB3.0 and 4 USB2.0

Hard disk: 128G solid state drive

System memory: 8G, maximum expansion to 16G

Network: 2 LAN ports, WIFI built-in module


(1) RTCP Functions

 Support up to 3 linear axis + 4 rotary axis machine, covering 21 common five-axis machine tools. 

It supports RTCP function, and provides two programming methods.

(2) Inclined surface machining 

Establish a Tool Coordinate System (TCS) on the inclined surface and program it in this coordinate system. 

(3) 3D simulation

Graphical 3D simulation function can not only perform graphic simulation of NC program before processing, 

but also realize graphical real-time simulation during processing.

(4) Intelligent function

Can work with intelligent APP center. APP intelligent tools related to the CNC system.

Production Flow
cnc controllera.jpg_.png

Why HNC848Di Closed Loop CNC Controller?

Service response within 24 hours

-NC cloud provides remote diagnosis and monitoring

-Local or remote service supported by engineer with fluent English or Local language

Support return policy

-Support return within 12 months' warranty.

-Complete replacement within 40 working days.

Excellent quality

-Constant temperature production workshop

-5 strict production test before final product

Favorable price

Make sure to give you an economic solution with cnc controller kits including servo drive, servo motor, spindle motor.

Product Parameters

Item Specification HNC-848 DM HNC-848 DT
Maximum   number of simultaneously controlled axes in channel
9 9
Maximum number of feed axes
32 32
Maximum number of spindles in channel
4 4
Number of PMC control axes
32 32
Number of channels Standard 1 1
Maximum 10 10
Spindle/channel Standard 1 1
Maximum 4 4
Feed axis/channel Standard 5 4
Maximum 9 9
Maximum number of axes in simultaneous motion
80 20
Maximum number of feed axes
64 64
Maximum number of simultaneously controlled axes/channel
9 3
Number of input/output points at maximum
Axis name (single channel) Three basic axes: X, Y, Z; additional axes:   U, V, W, A, B, C Standard Not Optional
Two basic axes: X, Z; additional axes: Y, U,   V, W, A, B, C Not Optional Standard
Axis name   (multi-channel) One or two characters plus number, the first   must be a character, e.g. X1 Standard Standard
Gantry axis synchronization
Standard Standard
Tangent synchronization control
Optional Optional
Basic axis coupling control
Optional Optional
Electronic gear box
Optional Optional
Linear chart
Optional Optional
Inclined axis control
Optional Optional
Metric/Inch G20/G21 Standard Standard
Pulse unit input G22 Standard Standard
Machine lock
Standard Standard
Emergency stop
Standard Standard
Standard Standard
Spatial protection area Providing protection for workpiece and tool Optional Optional
Software limit
Standard Standard
Dynamic axis release/capture G101/G102 Standard Standard
Synchronization between channels G104.0 to G104.7 Standard Standard

Product Size



Application Cases


HNC-848Di CNC system for 5 axis cnc machining center


HNC-848Di closed loop CNC system for 5 axis boring and milling machining center


HNC-848Di system for HMC80 high-precision horizontal machining center 


HNC-848Di system for T-V856 intelligent vertical machining center


HNC-848Di system for 5 axis vertical machining center in education field

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