Five-axis Product Series (Ⅰ)

Five-axis linkage CNC machine tools represent high-end CNC machine tools, and its core is five-axis linkage CNC machining technology. With the upgrading of the manufacturing industry, the products are processed increasingly complexly, A five-axis linkage machining center is required to realize complex curved surface processing and multi-face processing in one clamping, thereby reducing production costs, improving processing efficiency, and improving the surface quality of the workpiece.

Huazhong’s CNC system adheres to the concept of being more precise, faster, more powerful, and more intelligent. It is easy to debug and easy to use. It is suitable for processing cost-effective products with complex surfaces. And it can be used to process industrial products such as impellers, blades, mobile phone cases, automobiles, etc. as well as handicrafts with complex curved surfaces such as Hercules Cup, chess, and portraits. One-time clamping of the parts can automatically, efficiently, and continuously complete the various processes of the parts, including the processing of features such as inclined surfaces and curved surfaces. It can be widely used in national aviation, aerospace, automobiles, ships, 5G communications, new energy vehicles, precision instruments, high-precision medical equipment, and other industries.

Application of Applying On-machine Measurement Technology to Realize Adaptive Processing of Eggshells

At present, the application of on-machine measurement technology in CNC machine tools is increasing. Using the on-machine measurement technology, we carry out process analysis on the engraving on the surface of the eggshell and detect the surface data of the eggshell by arranging measurement points on the surface of the eggshell. Then we reconstruct the actual surface of the eggshell and use the five-axis linkage machine tool to engrave the surface of the eggshell. And finally, the Patterns are formed on the surface of the eggshell. The engraving pattern on the surface of the eggshell is a comprehensive example of testing machine tool performance, multi-axis CNC machine tool programming ability, processing technology control ability, and on-machine measurement.

Five Steps of On-machine Measurement Technology

First step:
Create a reference coordinate system, install fixtures, probes, and tools, and calibrate tool length.
Second step:
Create a measurement program for egg points.
Third step:
The machine tool loads the measurement program, obtains the actual egg surface point file, and reconstructs the egg surface model.
Fourth step:
Import the point file into the software UG, to reconstruct the egg surface model.
Fifth step:
Create a machining procedure, import the machine tool and start carving the eggs.

Parts List

Serial number Name Quantity
No.1 In-line probe 1 set
No.2 Carving knife 1 set
No.3 Transition tooling 1
No.4 Caliper 1
No.5 Dial gauge 1
No.6 Accessory kit 1 set