Huashu Robotics Won “The OFweek 2022 Annual Quality Service Provider Award Of China Digital Supply Chain”

Won the “Quality Service Provider Award”

On November 16, the award ceremony of the 2022 OFweek Annual China Industrial Automation and Digitalization was held in Shenzhen. 

Award ceremony of the 2022 OFweek Annual China Industrial Automation and Digitalization

Based on the industrial robot cloud platform, Huashu Robotics transmits the data of actual robots to the cloud by way of transmission, forming a digital management process and central integrated control, realizing manufacturing system intelligence, digitalization, and informatization, and providing a perfect data collection and application solution for the digitalization of the enterprise’s intelligent manufacturing supply chain. With its remarkable achievements, Huashu Robotics won the “OFweek 2022 Annual Quality Service Provider Award of China Digital Supply Chain”.

Quality Service Provider Strength

Huashu Robotics is fully promoting industrial robot core components, complete machine products, and overall solutions for intelligent manufacturing. And it integrates R&D, design, production, sales, and service. It has successfully launched more than 50 new industrial robot products in six series of BR double-rotation, vertical multijoint, horizontal multijoint, SCARA, Delta, and special series, which are widely used in automobile and motorcycle, electronic, material, and metal processing industries, creating application demonstrations in the fields of machining, stamping, handling, spraying, grinding, gluing, welding, and assembly, and has the ability to compete with the four major foreign robots. The annual production capacity of 10,000 sets of industrial robots has been formed, and the market sales of six-axis robots have been at the forefront of the country for four consecutive years.

In addition to this, the service terminal directly facing the users is an essential support for the brand of Huashu robot to be promoted and developed, which also enables every user to practically experience the overall high-quality service of Huashu robot in any place where Huashu products are available.

Huashu Robot family

Winning the “OFweek 2022 China Digital Supply Chain Annual Quality Service Provider Award” will inspire Huashu Robot to continue to adhere to the market-oriented, provide more quality products and services to customers, and push Huashu Robot to a new height.