RSR6600 Scara Robot Used to Assemble the Laptops

time 2022.05.09
address China

The rivet assembly and pressing of internal metal parts in the notebook industry are extremely difficult to automate due to various material supply, high precision requirements and etc. Our self-developed modular riveting and pressing workstation solves this painful point and meets requirements of rivet assembly and rivet pressing in the laptop industry. The riveting and pressing station adopts our RSR6600 scara robot, which can quickly connect multiple units into a line, and can match up to 8 kinds of rivets in a single station. The production scale can be adjusted arbitrarily to maximize production efficiency.

This video shares the application of our RSR6600 scara robot in the notebook computer industry to automate the assembly of keyboards, metal rivets, etc. According to customer feedback, the effect of automatic robot assembly is stable and reliable, the error of each parameter is extremely small, and the assembly effect is consistent. It can carry out product quality control and standardized production, and effectively improve product quality.

At present, our scara robot has been successfully used in many famous brands of notebook computer production system, such as HP, Dell and so on. If you want to know more about assembly robots and robotic assembly lines, please contact us in time.